Turn You On

Two-Finger Arousal

Two-Finger Arousal

We experience vagina-ownership differently,
but a lone finger resting in there doesn’t
rouse me, nor does it for most women I know.

Without a clitoral element and/or the use of multiple
fingers, the act of fingering is a waste.

Just another thing straight men do to feel useful.

The act is phenomenal when penetration and
clitoral stimulation are perfectly balanced.

One queer woman told me, “They depend on each other.
All clit with no penetration gets old and sort of
lacking but penetration with no clit is also really bad.”

She also says she never refers to this
as fingering, but just as fucking.

I Have Nymphet Mania

Vladimir Nabokov’s novel Lolita has spawned
bizarre fashion subcultures and memorabilia.
From heart-shaped sunglasses to anatomically
correct blow-up dolls.

No twentieth-century American literary character
penetrated the public consciousness quite like Lolita.

Her very name entered the language as a common noun:

Lolita: a precocious seductive girl

In pop music the big sellers (the domain of Britney,
Miley, Katy Perry, Lana Del Rey) were all Lolitas.

They trafficked in the iconography of lollipops
and stuffed animals and schoolgirl outfits.

And it continues. Take singer Selena Gomez,
who appears eerily and disturbingly childlike.

Her dollish make-up, the little bow in her
girlish ringlets, and her wide-eyed, innocent
gaze make the 22-year-old look barely 12.

She doesn’t have pigtails and
a lollipop, but she might as well.

The obviously sexualized photos, paired
with the ‘where’s my teddy bear’ look
is leaving most of us creeped out.
The Lolita parallels are inevitable.

In the sixty years since she first appeared, Lolita
has transcended her original textual instance.

She’s became an archetype, an icon of youthful
desirability. ‘Lolita’ became a capitalist commodity.