Lesbian Sex

Casual Lesbian Sex

There’s this sexist misconception that women are gay
for emotional commitment and love. This denies women
our sexuality and capacity for lust and depravity.

I started cruising regularly, looking for casual
sex partners at queer play parties and bars.

Now in my mid-twenties, I’m a fixture on the
queer cruising and kink scenes around LA.

“If I’m at queer parties or gay parties and see a dom in
a harness or something, I’m going to try and make out.”

Domestic Bliss from Duke on Vimeo

Cruising is going out into the world with the specific
intention of finding someone with whom to have casual sex.

If you message or approach someone just wanting to hook up,
you are cruising. It’s a time-honored gay tradition and a
rich part of our cultural history that forgoes respectability
politics and homonormative assimilation in favor of radical
expressions of queer sexuality.

Cruising is knowing what you want and actively pursuing it.
The term is thought to have come from queer folks walking
or driving around town searching for a casual encounter.

LGBTQ history typically attributes
the art of the anonymous, same-sex
public hookup to communities of gay
men, but lesbian cruising has a long
tradition among many strident dykes.


Sapphic Sex
Lesbian Bliss

Sapphic is used to describe
the love between lesbians or bisexual women.

Many women prefer the term sapphic to lesbian.
It has a richer and more widespread history.

Sappho lived around 600 BC and came from Lesbos,
a Greek island near the east coast of Turkey.

She’s the only known female poet from classical Greece
whose poetry survives. This uniqueness however hasn’t
isolated her. She was greatly respected throughout antiquity
and remains one of the most popular Greek poets today.

Sappho probably taught at a sort of school
where girls were sent to prepare for marriage.

Most of what remains by her is addressed
to women, perhaps they were once her pupils.

What is most striking about Sappho is her
homoerotic passion.If you haven’t spotted
it already, the modern term ‘lesbian’
comes from Sappho and her home on Lesbos.

Do lesbians ‘cruise’
in the way that gays do?

Maybe some lesbians want to find a wife
with whom to run a small sheep farm in Wales.

Maybe what we want is a hard wet fuck
from a beautiful woman we barely know
in the bathroom of a gay bar.

Lesbian Lovers Bliss

Young Dykes
Hit The Spot

hit the spot

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