Lesbian Sex

Lesbian Special: Lust Erotic Fiction

I’m sweet on this girl. Sweet in a way which makes me
want to let my body drown into her delicious curves.

Sweet in a way that makes my pussy
tingle when she smiles and flirts.


Hot Juicy Sex

She doesn’t flirt in a way that guys do when they’re tripping over their boots trying to get into your pants.

It’s the subtle flirtation where here eyes stroke mine with that soft glance and sweet smile that belies knowledge. She knows that she can own me for a moment with her beautiful gaze. She’s so fucking hot.

She rocks an hourglass figure with curves from here to eternity. Big soft breasts and big round ass and she owns her body with confident, sexy presence that owns me.

When she and I have time together she is all mine and I’m all hers. Not in a sexual way but in the way that we are focused on each other and enjoying each other. Her long brown curls surround me when we hug good night. Her soft body melts me when we touch and I find myself fantasizing about having sex with her.

We went out for margaritas before the movie. We both dug into the chips and salsa and ordered double, blended with salt. We knew we were going to be making the boys hot. As we focused on the salty chips the noise of the bar got too much to handle.

By the time the drinks came we were right next to each other so we could hear each other talk. She smelled delicious and I just kept leaning in and laughing until my cheek could feel the heat of her skin.

She finally said “If you keep leaning in so close I’m going to have to kiss you.” We laughed and I leaned in again and our lips met.

Her tongue slipped inside and I tasted her salty lips and then her tequila tinged tongue swirled with mine. My heart beat was the only thing I heard.

Her fingers grazed the back of my neck as her hair fell over our faces in a delicious cavern of hair. My pussy tingled when she said let’s get out of here.

We practically ran to the car. She opened the passenger door and jumped in to the seat. I leaned in to kiss her and she kissed me fully. Her hands cupped my breasts and gently stroked them to the nipples again and again.

My pussy began to swell and my mouth could not get enough. My hand slipped down to her delicious cleavage and gently slipped under her bra until I reached her hard nipple. As I grazed her nipple she moaned and said “we need more privacy.”

We both knew we were going to her place. We ran up the stairs, through the front door to her room and then back to those luscious lips. As we kissed, our hands roamed with amazing experience.

For the first time ever, I was being felt up by and expert who knew where my body longed to be touched.

For the first time ever, I didn’t have to guess whether this squeeze on this ball or cock was too much or not enough or whether this guy would make me cum or whether I would make him cum. Every soft and hard touch was perfect.

My pussy was dripping, hoping and knowing what came next. She pulled off off her skirt and panties. I pulled off mine. We both stood with thighs touching unbuttoning each others blouses.

Her breasts are gorgeous and round. I pulled one of her breasts out to expose her nipple. My mouth fell to it as both my hands cupped her luscious breast and gently stroked and tickled as my tongue swirled around her hard nipple.

I could feel her hair draping my face and I could feel her breath on my face with each moan. As I worshiped her breast and nipple, her hands caressed my back and neck.

She finally made her way to my breasts giving me delicious waves of pussy throbbing hunger as she kept finding my nipples with firm squeezing and tugging.

We both made our way to the edge of the bed. I sat down and she knelt in front of me. She kissed my mouth gently and licked my neck exactly where I most love being licked. She made her way to my nipples and back and forth made each one send shock waves of erotic joy through my body.

She then came up to my face, cheek to cheek,
I felt her cheek’s heat against mine. I smelled h
er delicious hair and her lips inched toward my ear.

Her hot, moist breath whispered “i need to taste your pussy,
okay?” Melted, all I could get out was a groan that said yes.

She eased me back as her mouth traced the triangle: pelvis bone to pelvis bone to my mound. Her soft kisses became full wet, hot tongue tracing this path.

Her mouth finally dropped to my begging pussy. She just stopped and I could feel her breath hot on my lips. She then squeezed my lips together gently as she ran her tongue up and down my lips.

She then pushed her tongue deeper but kept the movement and rhythm up and down my lips as her squeeze tightened on my clit. She finally kissed and sucked on my clit as her fingers reached my g-spot and kept that rhythm going.

Her soft and then firm kisses, licks and touches brought me to wave after wave of building orgasmic tension.

She then looked up at my face as I propped up on my elbows to watch this hot woman eating me out. My closest friend was taking me to this ecstatic place and it was so much better than I had fantasized.

My body trembled and then shook as her fingers pumped my pussy and her mouth circled, sucked and kissed my clit.

I drenched her mouth with my juices and she licked and sucked and became more gentle with each kiss and lick. She worked her way away from my throbbing pussy and caressed my whole body with her soft full, curves.

I brushed her slightly messy hair away from her face.
I kissed her lips and tasted me on her face.

I leaned to her ear. “Let me eat your pussy!”

She laughed and then positioned herself on the bed
with legs spread for me. What a delicious sight.

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