Lesbian Sex

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Having oral sex with another woman is one of the great
things about being a lesbian. For some, nothing feels
as intimate as putting your mouth on another woman’s genitals.

Oral sex can seem intimidating for first-timers but it’s
a skill that you can work on and improve over time.

Regardless, no two women are the same—and each might
like something a little different than the other.

Each woman’s genitalia is slightly different.
One of the most exciting things about being
with a new partner can be getting that first
glimpse of her pubic region.

Noticing details, like being cleanly shaven
or having a full bush, can be a turn-on.

You may also wonder if her inner labia peeks out from
her outer labia, or if they’re tucked neatly inside.

When you really enjoy a woman, understanding her body
and exploring things like the size of her clitoris
and the way she tastes adds to the allure.

Maddie used her tongue to flick over the
hardening clitoris before pushing inside Sheila.

It was a feeling of great satisfaction to
hear that first moan. The seduction had started.

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The Passion Trilogy from Peccadillo Pictures on Vimeo.


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