Fuck Me Sex Drive

Let’s Have Sex: What Do You Call It?

Shall we retire to the bedroom?

Fornicate is a technical, formal term.
It sounds biblical and a bit like sex in a lab,

It’s not very common, but using it in
conversation can be quite comical.

Engage in/have (sexual) intercourse is probably the
term that your health or science teacher would use.

Have sex is by far the most common and ‘decent’ term to use.

Make love is also a common term, but is usually
used when you are in a relationship or as an euphemism.

Sleep with can be an appropriate term because it’s
so ambiguous. It doesn’t necessarily mean two people
have sex, but most people will assume that if you say
you slept with someone there wasn’t actually much sleeping.

Hump in the Morning

Humping is the motion that you make
thrusting your hips forward during sex.

Ravish Me

Ravish is a less vulgar way of saying you had intense sex
(for example, ripping off each others’ clothes).

Sex Slang Song

Screw This

Fuck’s the most obvious

Get some (ass/booty)

Fool around doesn’t always mean intercourse,
but it definitely involves sexual play.

Get down (and dirty)

Shag is a British term similar to fuck.
Sometimes it is used sarcastically.

Root is an Australian word similar to shag and fuck.

Sex (someone) up

Screw Me Like a Dog

I Crave Sex with You

She Craves Sex

Let’s Do It Again

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