Lingerie Sex

The club expects men to wear tuxedos and women
wear either lingerie or cocktail gowns.

Masks though not usually of the N95 respirator
variety) must be worn for arrival.

Assessing the germ-transmission risk, one veteran
of the club told us, “People walk around on all
fours and are uninhibited about swapping fluids
of all sorts. There are sex toys like crops to
whip people and fetish masks and harnesses.

Condoms are a light suggestion. Apparently there
are bowls of them all around, but I’ve never really
noticed them. It’s all together pretty gross.

Lingerie Art

Lingerie Art from lingerie collective on Vimeo.

Lingerie Desire

Lingerie Desire from Warwick Saint on Vimeo.

Girls’ Lingerie


Absolutely Erotic

Sex Lingerie Lust

Lingerie companies choose models
who appeal to the body-obsessed
masses of Americana.

These desirable girls
allow consumers to imagine
the unattainable – the
ability to be desired.

Mostly those who are young and
heterosexual are suffering a sex drought.

The problem is a queasy cocktail of social
alienation, technology, anxiety, depression
and neoliberal pressure to succeed.

The Wall Street Journal reports lingerie
retailer Victoria’s Secret is struggling
because “Sex Isn’t Selling.”

Lingerie Capitalism

Consumerist Misogyny

Is my lingerie-rooted empowerment merely a coping
mechanism to this truly hideous cycle of capitalist,
consumerist misogyny that is blocking any chance
for natural, unadulterated empowerment?

Lingerie Lesbians

Lingerie Foreplay

Foreplay ii an appetizer before the main course.
When you connect with your partner before sex,
it makes the moment better and more satisfying for you both.

What is the best foreplay to rouse your man?
Getting intimate with your partner is more
than taking off all your clothes, bumping and
grinding until one or both of you orgasm.

Shenseea’s highly explicit song Foreplay
recently premiered on Youtube. Although it’s a
less raunchy yet tempting composition it still
left fans stunned and a lot of jaws dropping low.

There is no question about it; the very Blessed bombshell
upped her game with the release of this new video.

Shenseea – Foreplay from Pink Starr Inc on Vimeo

It should have the guys in the barbershops talking
for a long time. She puts on an unforgettable
performance to support the lyrics to the song (Foreplay).

Strutting around in white racy lingerie, suggestively
dancing and working the bedroom and especially utilising
the bathtub and faucet like you’ve never seen.



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