Sexy Girls

Love Her Breasts

My lover is obsessed with my breasts.
Every morning he kisses me then gropes
my breasts. Are all men like this?

Most men love female breasts. They were a sign of
love, comfort, nourishment, and all that was good
in the world since practically day one.

They also represent a woman’s ability to care for young and nourish
our children, and genetically evolved to make a woman seem ready
for intercourse. They are fascinating for just being bags of fat.

But your breasts are part of your body over which
you have absolute authority over how, when, and
where it is touched, looked at, clothed, modified,
or anything else that happens to any part of it

Love Those Breasts from Justin Purser on Vimeo.

If you want to make the point, when he grabs
your breasts and it makes you uncomfortable
grab his testicles and squeeze.

Not hard to crush them but as if
you’re testing the firmness of a melon

Look him in the eye and tell him you told him
to stop groping you all the time. How would he
like it if you squeezed his balls all the time.

Breasts Are a Marker of ‘Femaleness’.

For most of us, our boobs are the first sign of
the transition between childhood and becoming an adult,
often long before our period crashes the party and
makes us question if growing up is really for us.

Breasts Incorporated [Cherry on the Milk Shake]

Breasts fascinate me.

They come in so many different varieties.
There are high, tight breasts that barely
protrude past the ribcage,

There are low, soft, swinging breasts with
nipples that point shyly toward the floor.

Then there are the in-betweens: round breasts,
teardrop shapes, unusually long tubes, gently
mismatched breasts, flatter-than-a-pancake,
fried-egg-on-a-nail, bigger than a watermelon,
and all-nipple.

I love them all.

I consider myself straight — but not
narrow — and I love breasts.

My love for breasts means I spend a lot
of time looking at them, primarily online.

my milkshake brings all the boys to the yard

It’s a line from the song Milkshake by Kelis.
The word milkshake refers to wanking.
Replace the word milkshake with handjob
in the song it’s a lot easier to understand.

This is also why she says, “Damn right,
it’s better than yours. I could teach you,
but I’d have to charge.”

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