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Male Sexual Stereotype

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Men are commonly portrayed in culture and media
as being incapable or unwilling to control their
sex drives. This can be seen by examining popular
song lyrics or TV shows.

The stereotyping of male sexuality is a problem.
It contributes to a perception of difference in
sexuality between males and females that’s based
on a comparative difference.

going down on her

Most guys have about zero to two partners per year.
The cultural notion that guys just want to sleep
around is not reality. It just comes from the minority.

Why does this perception of young men exist
and what are the differences between male
and female sexuality?

One evolutionary perspective on human mating,
the sexual strategies theory, attempts to explain
the difference between male and female sexuality.

For example, it points out women can only reproduce
about once per year, while men can hypothetically
reproduce hundreds of times per year. This makes it
much more likely for a male to copulate from an
evolutionary standpoint.

While “Casanovas,” at one end of the spectrum,
tend to have multiple dating and hook up experiences,
there are also those who can be considered the
“romantics,” the “emotional,” and finally, the “religious”.

It’s important to protect the image of modern masculinity.
Male sexual development is not well understood, but one
of the goals needs to challenge the stereotype of the male Casanova.

The expectations we have of young men and sex
are generally taken to be bedding as many women
as possible, dodging commitment for as long as
possible, and only ever wanting one thing, to get laid.

When people actually bother to ask young men
what they want, they’re rarely the sexually-driven
“dogs sniffing the air for a bitch on heat”.

Shameless Sex

no shame women who want it

Being a Woman Who ‘Wants It’

The salient characteristic of the female protagonist
in ‘romantic’ novels is not so much powerlessness as
whether she is free from shame.

If you are a woman and you like sex, but sex is “bad,”
if you like sex, but don’t think of yourself as a “bad girl,”
if you like sex but have gone to school being brainwashed
by the whore or homophobic stereotypes of abstinence-only
education, you have a serious conflict problem.

Being perceived as a woman who “wants it” comes
with terrible, dehumanizing social costs

From pervasive ‘she’s a slut’ to impunity for those
who do violence to us. It’s only when we have the
freedom to be the subject of our own sexuality,
rather than the object of men’s, that we even have
room to know what we desire.

Ready Steady Take Me

Women, are you faking orgasm
almost every time you have sex?

If yes, you don’t need to do that
anymore. Just thinking about sex
can help you get the pleasure you need.

There’s also another, more sexual,
way to achieve orgasm. Try to rouse
yourself by either moving your hips
up and down or by tensing and relaxing
your vaginal muscles.

Let Yourself Go

Doggy Style involves one partner on all fours
with the other kneeling and entering the vulva
or anus from behind with a penis, fingers, or strap on, i\

It’s a favorite for those of you looking for deeper penetration

Think about Sex:
Don’t We All?

It’s normal to think about sex
— often or only once in a while.

As we go through puberty, hormones
affect our bodies and emotions
in new ways. This makes us curious
about sex, and more likely to
have sexual thoughts and feelings.

We need to stop suppressing our sexual thoughts and fantasies.

Instead, come to terms with them. When we run from our
sexual fantasies, that’s how we lose control of them
and they start to control us.

This doesn’t necessarily mean that you need to act
on any and all of your sexual fantasies—just that
you need to acknowledge and accept that sexual desire
is a part of you, and a part of being human.

Coco de Mer: X from TBWA\London on Vimeo.

You think about sex every six seconds. So they say.
This means 5 boring seconds, 10 times a minute.
X, a film by London-based director and photographer
Rankin for Coco de Mer is a hypnotizing rush for
the senses that will surely higher your level of
lustful thinking to every 6 frames. Think about it.

Think about Sex

Think about Sex from gensek on Vimeo.

Contrary to popular belief, it doesn’t take a candlelit
dinner or a bodice-ripping romance novel to get the
average female thinking lusty thoughts.

In fact, some of us are contemplating X-rated interludes
while on the elliptical at the gym, stuck in traffic,
or even while on the couch during our favorite TV shows.

And that’s a very good thing. Go ahead, indulge in a quick
fantasy about the bag boy while you’re waiting on line
at the grocery store — exploring your own imaginative
hot zone keeps you connected to your sexual self.

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