Male Sexuality

Male Virgin

Life as a student is a constant influx of new experiences,
knowledge, food, ideas and people — basically whatever
you can put into your mouth, grab by the hand or both.

So naturally, I meet characters each day who challenge,
contradict and shock my beliefs to the core.

Nothing, however, could have prepared me for what
a new class project partner said to me this week.

He told me that not only is he a virgin (in his
late 20s), he has never had an orgasm.

That covers all the permutations: masturbation,
a hand job from a man or woman, or actual fucking.

In short, homeboy has lived an orgasm-free life, by choice.
If there was ever a muse for a college sex columnist, this man was it.

My classmate is a strictly adhering Muslim from northern
Morocco whose religious beliefs forbid him to indulge in
any form of sexual gratification until marriage.

Sexuality, neither the performance or restraint
is as important in personality determination.

The choice this young man has made about his
sexuality is a determining factor of who he is,
and this is all rooted in his faith.

I question my fascination with his virginity.
Maybe I’m tempted to seduce him, to be the first
to break his abstinence vows.

How exciting, how unique! But isn’t this what
attracts men to young girls? As a woman, do
I feel the same about a virgin male?

If religion plays a major role in one’s sexuality,
and sexuality is a key component to one’s lifestyle,
where does that leave the body’s desire to seek
pleasure in the eyes of religion?

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