Doggie Style Sexual Titillation

Men Love Women on Top

Also: Is Sex a Commodity?

In a recent survey around 70 percent of men said
“woman on top” was their favourite sexual position.

A lot of women I spoke to found this really surprising.
Maybe it’s because men are lazy bastards and just want
to lie there, letting women do all the work.

“Would You
Like to Mount Me?”

But most women love being on top for one simple reason.
It makes them feel like they’re in charge,
and power is always a heady aphrodisiac.

Being on top is not limited to one style.
If you’re old-school, lie on your back and have her
straddle your waist before lowering herself onto you.

Reverse Cowgirl

This famous variation of the woman-on-top has
her facing away from the man. He lies down
with the woman on top of him either kneeling
or squatting.

It’s a flexible position where a woman can
either lean forward or backward or keep her
torso straight, while the man can keep his
legs straight or arched.

The position is a great variation from woman-on-top
and gives the woman total control over the pace
and rhythm. It lets her set the agenda.

she rides his cock



Intensity of
Sexual Pleasure
Did The Earth Move?

Inevitable cliché used after characters
kiss/make out/have sex during an explosion,
earthquake, or similar event.

The phrase comes from Ernest Hemingway’s
For Whom the Bell Tolls, when the hero
and his lover are describing the intensity
of the sexual pleasure they had.

Did the Earth Move for Dinosaurs?

To get clues to dinosaur sexual behaviour, biologists
look at how our current largest land animals
– elephants, rhinoceroses and giraffes – have sex.

In all cases the male mounts the female from the rear.
The female bears the weight and the sex act is carried
out very quickly, probably to minimise the weight-bearing
and general awkwardness of the whole procedure.

In the case of elephants, the process is facilitated
by the fact that the elephant has a very small tail.

Your first sexual encounter shapes your love
life forever, So did the earth move for you?

Explore Her Body from tsurufoto. on Vimeo.

Can Orgasms Change the World?

Did you have sex this morning? Did the earth move?
Were you overwhelmed by waves of ecstasy and
did you scream, shudder or sob?

But, most importantly, did you consider, while
you were shuddering in the throes of orgasm,
that you might be performing a revolutionary act?

The radical psychoanalyst Wilhelm Reich, in his provocative
work The Function of the Orgasm, argued that sexual satisfaction
is fundamental not only to individual health but also to true democracy.

Freud came to believe that sexual repression was
an inherent part of the human condition.

Reich saw it as an ill that can and must
be conquered. And the force that prevented
and suppressed human sexual joy was capitalism.

Capitalism, he believed, enslaved all of us
to the point where we work such long hours
and in such pressurised conditions that we’ve
become separated from our true nature.

Separated from libido, lust and passion.
If we could only rediscover the joys of
orgasm we’d have the impetus to throw
off our chains and demand revolution.

Is Sex A Commodity

[Pay for It]?

If You Believe in Capitalism
Then Sex Is just Another Commodity

Young, pretty, enslaved to your credit cards?
Waste no time, girls. Buckle up and start monetizing
your erotic capital as a stripper or call girl.

Is sex a commodity
or a performance?

This comes from Catherine Hakim, a professor at the
London School of Economics and media-savvy sociologist
has carved a niche for herself in what she calls “sexonomics.”

She theorizes that sexual allure is a commodity people
should use for profit and professional advancement just
as they use education or networking skills.

In terms of male successes, she points to predictable
icons such as JFK, Tiger Woods and Arnold Schwarzenegger.
How many women do you want to list? Enough to name one.

A seemingly serious actress with buckets of sex appeal.
She’s profited from her allure. Have you seen the
way Rachel Weisz tosses her luxuriant hair?

light punishment

Catherine Hakim writes admiringly of Japanese
schoolgirls earning $650 for spending a few hours
entertaining older men, the “student mistresses of
Nigeria,” and the “no money, no honey” bar girls of Jakarta.

From the dawn of time, it has been a sellers’ market
for the erotic entrepreneur. The reason: “male sex deficit,”
writes Hakim. Or to use Bridget Jones’ phrase, from puberty
till death, men spend their lives gagging for it.

Porn, prostitutes, strip clubs, phone sex, assignations,
Thai sex vacations — the poor darlings can’t help themselves.
Hakim believes that females are less sexually driven.

Which is why smart women should use
“it” early and often to get gifts, money,
career advancement and a wedding ring.

Instead, many radical feminists have encouraged young
women to give it away for free and enter egalitarian
relationships, not to mention shun bikini waxes and
high heels. The epicenter of this dour nightmare: Sweden.

Stieg Larsson’s men who hate women have nothing
on Hakim’s depiction of repressed Swedish men
whose only escape is to go on furtive foreign
sex tours and get loutishly drunk.

Hakim’s criticism of the US centers more on
our Puritan inability to emulate the French
and celebrate adultery as a delight rather
than a violation of trust.