Cock in Cunt: Perfect Match

Cock in Cunt:
Perfect Match

“I love it when you get wet.” The comment
isn’t exactly correct. The vagina doesn’t
really “get” moist. It already is.

At least, a little bit. Small amounts of
vaginal discharge inside a woman’s panties
are completely normal and healthy.

The liquid helps to flush out bacteria from
the vaginal canal. In other words, the female
sex organ is pretty clever and comes equipped
with its very own self-cleaning mechanism.

The everyday vaginal secretion with its cleansing
function mostly comes from the cervical glands
inside the cervix and uterine wall.

But if you’re between the sheets with your partner
and aroused, there’s another, different liquid
secreted from the Bartholin glands.

They’re found on both sides of the vaginal opening
and primarily function to moisturize and ease
penetration, irrespective of whether a finger,
penis or sex toy is the object of arousal.

Sex can be uncomfortable, especially
during the first few attempts, but
it doesn’t have to be painful.

Have you thought about slowing down or
shifting gears? Sex would be more fun,
and less confusing, if you spend some
time getting to know the ins and outs
of each others’ bodies first

The next time you and your girlfriend have sex,
ample foreplay and lubrication will go a long
way towards a more enjoyable sexual experience.

For example, when your girlfriend is really
turned on, her vagina will stretch out and
your penis should just glide in.

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Pubic Hair Issues

Mayby it’s because you just want to, or are newly inspired after letting your body hair grow out, there’s no time like the present to embrace the full bush.

But while the natural look is back, it’s far more than a fad or trend resurrected from the ’70s.

For many women in 2023, body hair has social implications that run the gamut from more self-love and acceptance to fighting the patriarchy.

Pubic Hair Fashion

Take the Opening

I Can’t Wait to Get In

Americans Are Obsessed
with Sexual Hygiene

Pubic hair is a hot issue in the bedroom. Although being unshaven shouldn’t put a damper on the sexual experience, the boys I questioned said otherwise.

“It’s gross,” said the first male student I asked. “Like, maybe if she’s a ten out of ten it’d be different. But maybe not even then. Girls have a code to uphold.”

The “code,” apparently, is maintaining a relatively hairless body from the neck down. There is a belief that girls who do not shave are somehow “dirty,” and that it retracts from their femininity.

A full bush is deemed repulsive, while even stubble makes the men shudder. Another male student grimaced and retorted, “Not even if she’s hot, man! It’s gross. I want it completely shaven.”

This statement was agreed upon by other male students, although a female student commented that she would prefer men to have pubic hair because it seemed “more natural than just having it waving there without anything to cover it.”

The double standard regarding pubic hair maintenance is absurd. If it’s acceptable for men to have their pubic hair any way they want it, then why are women being pressured to be bare underneath their clothes?

One possible answer is the images of women that men are confronted with before their real-life sexual experiences.

In porn, the women are often clean-shaven, or have a miniscule amount (called a ‘landing strip’ or a ‘the Brazilian,’ both of which consist of a thin strip of hair).

Even in sex scenes in films, the woman is completely shaven, which gives men the illusion that the women they encounter in real life also uphold the same hair maintenance.

It creates anxiety for girls, who feel as if they will be less desirable for having a full bush, or for having any amount of pubic hair at all.

Another female student told me her boyfriend was not fond of “downtown hair,” but that, in the heat of the moment, he was less inclined to care.

Most men, I figured, would be more focused on the fuck, which I don’t believe decreases or increases with the amount of body hair a woman has.

Boys it’s necessary necessary for women to be bare without citing any reasons other than “that’s just the way it should be.”

Men are unaware of the complications that can come with constantly shaving your pubic area, which can consist of (but aren’t limited to): itchiness, redness, ingrown hairs and mild pain.

Shaving every day is uncomfortable for women, and no girl provides constant maintenance, regardless of what men think is pleasing to the eye.

Food for thought: a totally shaved vagina is known as “the Lolita,” after the titular character from Vladimir Nabokov’s famous novel.

Lolita is considered alluring in the book because of her prepubescent state. Just think about that.

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