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Are You Having
a Great Sex Life?

Great sex has everything to do with your headspace
and mindset, no matter your experience level,
number of partners, body shape, orgasmic abilities,
or how many trains you have to take to meet with a hookup.

This Is Not the Dawn
of Sexual Promiscuity

Perhaps up to eighty percent of college students
report engaging in sexual acts outside committed
relationships—a figure that is usually cast as
the result of increasingly lax social mores,
a proliferation of alcohol-fuelled parties,
and a potentially violent frat culture.

Critics see the high rates of casual sex as an
“epidemic” of sorts that is taking over society
as a whole. Hookup culture, we hear, is demeaning
women and wreaking havoc on our ability to
establish stable, fulfilling relationships.

These alarms have sounded before. Writing in 1957,
the author Nora Johnson raised an eyebrow at
promiscuity on college campuses, noting that
“sleeping around is a risky business, emotionally,
physically, and morally.”

Since then, the critiques of casual sexual behavior
have only proliferated, even as society has supposedly
become more socially liberal.

the meaning of sex

The culture machine – movies, magazines, web, the people
around us too often teach us there’s one way to have
a satisfying sex life: you have to adhere to beauty
ideals, be in a heterosexual relationship, be young,
and preferably have as many orgasms as possible.

But people who don’t fit this description are having
great sex lives every day, and everyone has the right
and the ability to do so.

Socialism Is Great for Sex

Why Women Have Better Sex Under Socialism
is a provocative and deftly argued text
that comes with lofty ambitions.

It aims to show that capitalism is bad for
women at work, at home, and in the bedroom.

I’m Moving to Cuba

The book argues we could all do with injecting
a little bit more socialism into our lives.

“If done properly, socialism leads to economic
independence, better labor conditions, better
work/family balance, and yes, even better sex.”

Socialism is an antidote to the empowerment culture
that tells women that they just need to worker
a little harder and lean in, Sheryl Sandberg–style,
to lead happier and more fulfilled lives.

“I think that too many young women are paralyzed
by this feeling that they’re not working hard enough.

This is a reverse self-help book: It’s the political
economy that’s messing up your life! Stop blaming yourself.”

At a time when American women were
confined to the home, Eastern Europe
demanded women’s full participation
in the workforce.

They were supported with the introduction
of free healthcare, generous maternity leave,
public education and subsidized housing.

There were public canteens, public
laundries, and even mending facilities
where women could drop off their sewing.

It liberated women from what Lenin himself called
“the soul-crushing drudgery of housework.”

Would You Like
to Comes Inside?

The term sexual innuendo has acquired
a specific meaning, that of a “risqué”
double entendre by playing on
a possibly sexual interpretation
of an otherwise innocent uttering.

For example: “We need to go deeper” can be seen
as either a request for further inquiry,
or a request to go deeper into her vagina.

“Would you like to come inside’ is another example.
People often follow a seemingly innocent phrase with
“that’s what she said”, exposing the smutty meaning

Would You Like to Come Inside? from Dmitry Kartsev on Vimeo.

What’s with the Facial?

The rise of popularity in facials
is often attributed to porn.

The moment when fellatio became a central
feature of sex was the 1972 film Deep Throat.

It features a woman who had a clitoris in
the back of her throat, therefore derives
sexual pleasure from giving oral sex.

It featured an early example of a
‘money shot’ – when the male star
finishes over the female star’s face.

From then on, the ‘money shot’ became
a central aspect of porn.

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