Better Porn

Mount Her from Behind

Must Be The Dog in Me


Must Be the Beast in Us

Carl Jung was a pioneer in analytical psychology.
This is the psychoanalytical study of the unconscious.
His work included the study of human personality
and behaviour in terms of archetypes.

He outlined five distinct archetypes, one of which
he called the “shadow”. It describes the areas of
the unconscious that are socially unacceptable
and often repressed.

This archetype is often described as the darker
side of the psyche, representing wildness,
chaos and the unknown. The fear of letting go,
being sexually loose is in all of us.

Ready for the Dog to Mount

She Likes It from Behind

Screw Me like a Dog

screw me like a dog

Coming from Behind

coming from behind

It’s So Fucking Great

Let Me pull down
Those Knickers

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