Orgasm Sexual Arousal

Fingering Her to Orgasm

Give Her the Finger[s]

If you want to finger a girl to orgasm make sure
you perform some external stimulation first.

This includes the clitoris, the inner
lips, the mons pubis, and the vaginal
opening. All have touch sensitive nerve endings.

Give Her
an Orgasm Before
You Fuck

This is the biggest thing women wish for.
Most men don’t do it. Instead, they clumsily
plow straight to intercourse as fast as possible.

If you can give her an orgasm before you penetrate,
then it’s bound to be good sex in her book,
even if you don’t last as long as you’d like.

Giving her an orgasm first will lubricate her,
she’ll more responsive and more likely to have
another orgasm during intercourse.

Use your fingers, which will introduce some penetration
into the mix and will really send her over the edge.

She’ll usually say something like “Just fuck me already!”

Foreplay to Fuck

Use the index finger – Place it inside and begin
pushing in and pulling it (very slowly) while still
working on her clit. Aim for the G-spot, so that
she’ll have a better chance of achieving an orgasm.

Keep doing for another few minutes, before having sex.

Quick tip: If she orgasms during foreplay (which she more
than likely will) lightly blow on her clitoris immediately
after for a few seconds, to stimulate it that little
Careful! The clit which will be very sensitive.

Taking Care of Your Pussy

Pubic hair is not just a biological accident forcing us
to the waxing salon. It serves three critical functions.

First, it protects the delicate vagina.
Second, it serves as a reproductive billboard
to alert potential mates that you are biologically
(if not emotionally) prepared to procreate.

And last, it’s a pheromone carpet and traps
the scents that lead potential mates to the
promised land. So you might think twice before
you shave it all off. It’s there for a reason.

the gash

There are 8000 nerve endings in the clitoris,
dedicated exclusively to female pleasure.
The penis only has 4000. Who says God
didn’t take care of us girls?

The average vagina is 3-4 inches long, but fear not
if your guy is hung like a horse. The vagina can expand
by 200% when sexually aroused, kind of like a balloon.

Remember, the vagina was made to birth
babies, so it’s exceedingly elastic.

The word “vagina” comes from the Latin root meaning
“sheath for a sword,” which may explain why some
women simply hate the word.

If you don’t like the word “vagina,” pick your own name
for your girly parts. Just call it something.

Remember, the vagina is the birth canal, not the
outer parts, the ones you can see. These are the
labia. The most accurate term for the ‘package’
is the reproductive system

Call it the cunt

Fingering is so vital. You might not know it, but fingering can be really important part of sex and foreplay from the perspective female pleasure and orgasm. It’s not all about penetration, trust us: around 80% of women and people with vulvas can’t climax from just penetration and *also* require clitoral stimulation to get there. This is why fingering skills are important and can help you instantly improve your sex technique if you sleep with women

Fingers are a great tool for creating the persistent, rhythmic and often nuanced stimulation needed to really pleasure a vulva – and deliver a mind-blowing orgasm to your partner.

The raw materials are great: fingers are nimble, agile and strong. Fingertips are alive with different nerves, allowing them to be receptive to a partner’s changing rhythms and cues and to play with the sensitive skin of the labia, clitoris and vagina. But like all instruments, you need to use your hands the right way if you want to create the desired effect.

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