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How to Talk to Girls

Make eye contact, but not to the point where it’s freaky.

Find out if she is a listener or a talker, if she likes to talk, then let her, but if she likes listening to what you have to say then talk more, because, if she likes you back, she’ll just love to hear your voice.

Don’t brag about yourself! It’s insulting to some girls (and boys, for that matter).

Wear decent clothing. You don’t need to wear a $200 suit, but you should wear your favorite, nicest outfit. Take time for little details like tucking in part of your shirt, and don’t lower your trousers.

Make sure your clothes fit, and avoid appearing childish. Look nice, but don’t look like you put hours into your outfit because that looks cheesy. Avoid looking like a slob.

Find some conversation starters by watching TV (even the History Channel and Discovery Channel have interesting conversation starters; watch the news, especially MTV or E-News, or Entertainment Tonight.

For more adult conversation, you can also watch cable news stations like CNN and MSNBC but be aware of controversial topics), browsing the web, reading books, magazines, and newspapers, and doing activities you know she likes.
Always build up self confidence, courage and self-esteem.

Be confident.

Let the girl talk about herself and listen to what she has to say.

Don’t be nervous about what you’re saying. A survey says that girls are more interested in how you talk then what you talk about!

Avoid awkward silence, that can be the worst part of a conversation. To avoid this, quickly interrupt whatever she is saying and tell her you’ll have to continue this conversation later and leave.

Remember to apologize and tell her that you’re running late. If it does come to an awkward silence, make a joke or ask a question.

If you run out of things to say or it gets awkward, just ask for her number. If she doesn’t remember it, give her yours and tell her to call or text you later. Most likely, if she likes you, she’ll text you and wait by the phone until you text back.

Ask questions, but don’t go crazy with them.

Keep yourself clean at all times. You never know when she might call you and say she’s coming to see you.
Tell her she looks beautiful. If she looks down or blushes, that’s a good sign.

Don’t panic, but add, “Especially when you smile” and grin at her. It’ll make her weak at the knees.
Discuss pop culture references about TV, music, movies, celebrities, sports, radio, anything that recently happened where you can give your take on the matter.

Be yourself. You don’t need to be someone you aren’t. But if there are some bad habits and behaviors you should change, change them.

Avoid pick-up lines!

Seal the deal. Find your lucky lady at the end of the day and apologize again for leaving and she will forgive you. Say you forgot what the subject was but you enjoyed talking to her.

This is where you should ask for a phone number. “In case I have to leave again, you can remind me of what we’re talking about” (smile). She will give you her number and you’ll be all set.

Don’t be afraid to make eye contact. Nothing turns a girl off more than when you talk to her and don’t look at her. But if you are talking to her, try not to stare into her eyes, that can be awkward.

Look in between her eyes if you feel uncomfortable looking her straight in the eyes. From her viewpoint, it looks like you’re looking her in the eyes.

If a girl ends up coming towards you, try not to look like you’ve noticed. Be cool!

If you like the girl don’t spend your every second with her.

Don’t say anything that might hurt her feelings.

Don’t try to be cool.Girls like normal outfits and not like glasses and “cool”stuff.

Never talk about exes or previous relationships, especially not in the first few weeks of dating.
Practice on a girl family friend, cousin, from church, and sister (an older sister is recommended to talk to).

This way you can practice your conversation skills with far less anxiety involved.

Remembering everything she has said or felt is number one priority. Even remembering small things like what her favourite movie is, is important. Asking her again may make her feel like you never listened and that you are not interested.

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