Orgasm Exercises for Women

Orgasms [Workout]

A new study on exercise-induced orgasms
and sexual pleasure suggests that women
may not need a guy, a vibrator, or any other
direct sexual stimulation to have an orgasm.

Alfred Kinsey and his colleagues first reported
the phenomenon in 1953, saying that about 5% of
women they’d interviewed mentioned orgasm
linked to physical exercise.

Of the women who had orgasms during exercise, about 45
percent said their first experience was linked to
abdominal exercises; orgasms have been linked to
biking/spinning, climbing poles or ropes,
weight lifting and running.

The Kama Sutra

This one’s called the Cow Pose. Or more suggestively,
Down Dog. It’s pretty straight-forward. In a table top
position on all fours, it is essentially doggy style
with a slight tilt upwards. It’s great for flexibility,
and also straightens your pelvic floor muscles. As we
know, it’s a great sex position [fuck me from behind].

Reports of so-called coregasms, named because of their seeming link to exercises for core abdominal muscles, have circulated in the media for years.

Despite attention in the popular media, little is known scientifically about exercise-induced orgasms.
About 40 percent of both groups of women have experienced exercise-induced pleasure or orgasm on more than 11 occasions in their lives. Most of the women in the group said they felt some level of embarrassment when exercising in public places.

They mostly said during the experiences they weren’t having a sexual fantasy or thinking about someone they were attracted to.

The rest of the experiences included various exercises, such as yoga, swimming, elliptical machines, aerobics and others. Also linked to horse-riding. Now we know why girls want a pony.

The abdominal exercises tied to orgasms seemed to be particularly associated with the exercise in which a person supports their weight on their forearms on a so-called captain’s chair with padded arm rests and then lifts their knees toward their chest.

Orgasms tended to occur after multiple sets of crunches or some other abdominal exercise rather than after just a couple of repetitions. They also seemed to happen after the woman had really exerted herself.

Many of these women talked about it happening even as children. At least one woman in the study who was a virgin said she really loved that she could have these experiences at the gym.

The researchers aren’t sure why certain exercises lead to orgasm or sexual pleasure. It may be that exercise, which is already known to have significant benefits to health and well-being, has the potential to enhance women’s sexual lives as well.

Sex After
Exercise: A Great Time
to Pleasure Yourself

Ab exercise in particular is perfect prep for sex.
Your workout will have stimulated the nerves
running through to your pelvis.

You might be feeling tired, but your body
is already warmed up and in the mood.

Once you get down to it, you may find you actually
climax quicker, despite your lack of motivation.

Tips For A Quickie

Sex is actually the perfect cure for stress
and frustration. An orgasm can reduce blood
pressure and have a sedative and relaxing effect.
A well-directed quickie could be the perfect medicine for you.

How he thrusts can make or break a successful session.
Take the lead by getting on top, and move in circles
rather than up and down.

This will keep as much of the base of his penis
in contact with you as possible. Short and shallow
thrusts, rather than deep and fast, can quickly
induce an intense orgasm.

Practice Mindful Sex

Thinking too much during sex can greatly reduce
the chances of having an orgasm. This is where
practicing mindful sex can really help you
relax into a pleasurable orgasm.

Start by focusing on your breathing rather than
on your thoughts. Every time your mind drifts
away, bring your focus back to your breathing
or anything that is happening in the present
moment and the feelings of pleasure. This will
help you relax, enjoy the moment and achieve orgasm.

Hand Solo

Try finding your lesser-known road to orgasm.
Explore deeper inside the vagina than the g-spot,
just above your cervix at the innermost point of the vagina.

Pressure on this spot can instantly stimulate you
and rapidly yield intense orgasmic contractions.

This tactic might even facilitate the elusive female ejaculation.

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