Object of Desire

Perfect Buttocks

Buttocks are a sign of fertility. Women have wider
hips than men for carrying children in their womb.

Big butts mean easier delivery of children,
therefore better health of the child.
That’s why it’s so attractive.

This is from an evolutionary point of view.
Life is really about survival and reproduction.

those buttocks

A prominent derrière – or more aptly,
the curved spine it’s connected to –
Was significant to our nomadic ancestors.

Over the course of human history, women faced
the adaptive problem of a forwarded-shifted centre
of mass during pregnancy.

Women with a greater degree of lumbar curvature
were able to redistribute this centre of mass
to reduce the strain of pregnancy.

Men developed a psychological adaptation to
prefer these women as mating partners.

The connotations behind someone asking
“Does this make my butt look big?” have
changed a lot in the past 10 years.

We have finally embraced the booty.
We want to show off it off, not hide it.

Butt-selfies (belfies) are a thing now. Jen
Setler (squat queen) has 12M Instagram followers.

Buttocks Arousal



A Spanking Good Time from pony boy on Vimeo.

Banging from Behind

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