Masturbation Orgasm

Solo Sex for Girls: Please Please Yourself

No one else can sexually satisfy you
unless you figure out how to please yourself.

Masturbation is a great way to get to know
your body and your sexual response.

Satisfy Yourself

It can teach you to relax and enjoy
pleasure without feeling self-conscious.

Although orgasms are a physical response, they are
inexorably intertwined with a woman’s emotions.

please please yourself

Setting the Mood

If you’ve never masturbated before, or if you haven’t been able to reach orgasm on your own, you might feel a little uncomfortable at the thought of a party for one.

To start, try to set a calm, sensual mood that will help you relax: Light a candle and put on some sexy music and perhaps some of your favorite lingerie.

Make sure there are no distractions and lock the door!
Maybe head to the tub: It’s a great place to ‘romance yourself’.

Getting Started

You can now begin to explore your body. Begin by touching
your clitoris, a hot zone of female sexual pleasure.

It is located at the top of your vulva, inside your
labia, and is around the size of a small pea.

As you become aroused, it will become larger and stiffer.
The clitoral orgasm is perhaps the most commonly known
and easily achieved type of orgasm.

Experiment with different strokes and pressure
to see which feels best to you.

A clitoral vibrator often provides a
surefire way to reach orgasm on your own.

Taking It to the Next Level

Insert your fingers into your vagina and deeply
penetrate the softness and warmth.

Notice the soft ridges of your vulva, and try to
locate your G-spot, another female hot spot.

As you explore, use your hand to stimulate your clitoris.

Feel how the pleasure radiates throughout your body
and how your arousal level builds.

Use pressure that is intense, then gentle, to keep
yourself on the brink of orgasm for as long as you can bear.

The result may be a blended orgasm with the delightful
combination of both vaginal and clitoral stimulation.

Teaching Your Partner What Works

If you find that you can reach orgasm during masturbation
but not during sex with your partner, then you’re like most
women, who find it far easier to reach orgasm by themselves.

The good news is that you know you are capable of orgasm.
The bad news is that something is standing in the way of
your complete satisfaction during sex with your partner,
and you now have to determine what that is.

When you masturbate, focus on what you like to touch first,
then second, then third. What kind of pressure do you use?
What’s your technique? Do you fantasize?

Now you can guide your partner.

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