Sexual Pleasure

Postmodern Sex

In postmodern eyes, sexuality is more interesting
when it’s deviant, since the normal and conven-
tional are thought to be on the side of power.

postmodern sex

This is the reason words like ‘normal’ and
‘natural’ are nowadays put in scare quotes.

Sexuality dismantles the difference between the
acceptable and the transgressive.

Sexual drives need to kick over the traces.
Plasticity is in their nature.

Sexuality is where we’re most animal.
Lust and Thrust. Live for the Fuck.

Sex & Capitalism

It’s hardly surprising there’s so much sex
about in the late capitalist world.

Not just because it is one of the most
saleable of commodities.

There was a time when life under late
capitalism was secure but boring. These days
it is insecure but still boring.

Sex provides a spot of everyday drama for
societies unaffected by civil war or mass famine.

Those in the suburban West are spared
the upheaval of tsunamis, wars against
drugs or attempts to topple dictatorships
We have to make do with existential angst.





Postmodern Sexual Identity

What is your sexual identity? And what is your erotic desire?

Are you female or male, straight or gay/lesbian, trans, intersex or something still other, a “gender nonconforming” person? Welcome to 21st-century postmodern sexual identity.

Equally critical, how do you fulfill your erotic desire, achieve sexual satisfaction, feel pleasure? By yourself, with another, with more than one, as a top or bottom, with sex toys and costumes, or simply in private, with someone you care for, “naturally”? Or not at all? Welcome to 21st-century postmodern sexual pleasure.

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