Seize the Fucking Moment

Come Here for Pleasure

‘Going commando’ is a way of saying you’re not wearing any underwear.

The term refers to elite soldiers trained to be
ready to fight at a moment’s notice. So when you’re
not wearing any underwear, you’re, well, ready to go
at any moment without knickers in the way.

promising pleasure

Off with Her Knickers


A British Airways stewardess has been suspended
over an in-flight video which shows her in uniform
peeling off her tights and sniffing them.

While the woman’s motivation behind making
the video is unclear, it could be part of
the rising market for tights and shoe fetishes.

Tights are being sold for about $20 a pop online.
Cabin crew are keen to make a little extra cash
on the side by selling their old gear.

In the latest video, the woman reportedly tells
watchers that she has been wearing the tights
all day “with no knickers”.

Make Me Come

absolute ecstasy

Help Her Have an Orgasm

make me cum

Is She Coming?


What happens when a woman comes? How can it be triggered?

The duration of orgasms varies from woman to woman and from one orgasm to another.

Some women reach a high peak of ­pleasure that fades away quickly. Some feel it as a more ­widespread, warm, internal sensation. Others arrive at a peak, which subsides gradually into a series of pleasurable plateaus.

Her body

In response to orgasm a woman may arch her body, tense her ­muscles and her face may be pulled into a grimace.

She may emit a high-pitched scream due to spasm of her vocal cords or bite her lips.

There are nearly always involuntary hip movements and then a general release of tension as the orgasm ­finally subsides.

Are there different types of orgasm?

Sexologists Masters and Johnson told us categorically in the 60s that the ­origin of female orgasm is the clitoris and that there isn’t a second kind that arises in the vagina.

But research into women’s personal ­experience does suggest, at the very least, that there’s a type of orgasm that starts in the clitoris and spreads down the vagina, leading to a more powerful climax than when the ­orgasm involves the clitoris alone.

It’s said to spring from the G-spot and is reported to be deep, ­powerful, prolonged and ­accompanied by contracting of the vagina, uterus and pelvic organs.

Women claim it’s truly ­transporting and brings them closer to their partners than anyone else.

How an orgasm works

The woman becomes fully aroused more slowly than the man during foreplay.

Sexual tension increases ­until she reaches the plateau, when she longs to be penetrated.

With penetration and the man’s thrusting movements, her pleasure increases in stepwise fashion and she ­proceeds to orgasm.

After the climax, a woman’s return to normality is slow and gradual, unlike a man’s. Sometimes she can delay this phase and ­remain at least at plateau stage experiencing multiple orgasms as long as she is further stimulated.

How can a woman experience more than one orgasm?

Women have a greater facility for multiple orgasms than men.

A major difference between the sexes is that many more women are ­capable of having more than one ­orgasm during a single sexual act than men.

By holding back from the brink, a man should be able to prolong sex long enough to give their partner ­several orgasms while she remains in the plateau phase and ­highly aroused.

This is when ­orgasms can be stimulated in rapid succession.

The fact that she can achieve this doesn’t mean she will every time or will want to.

Most women welcome kisses and cuddles afterwards and some fall into a ­semi-conscious, sleep-like state after ­orgasm.

As many as 70% of women have difficulty achieving
orgasm by means of penile penetration alone.

Women still think the way you have an orgasm is
through a penis entering the vagina. But there
are no nerves in the vagina.

That’s not how you have an orgasm. You have one
through clitoral stimulation. And a vibrator in
addition to penetration creates far more success
in achieving an orgasm.

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