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Sexual Tripping

Psychedelic drugs improve our sexual performance, enhance sensory sensitivity and intensify our orgasms.

Almost all of the medical research with psychedelic drugs to date has been focused on curing diseases and treating illnesses.

Yet little attention has been paid to the reported ability of these remarkable substances to increase human potential and even less attention has been paid to their reputed ability to significantly enhance all aspects of human pleasure.

There may come a time a time when we will have cured our most challenging pathological conditions and have more time and resources on our hands to explore post-survival activities.

We can focus our research efforts on discovering new ways to improve our physical and mental performance. A science devoted purely to enhancing pleasure might come next and psychedelics could play a major role in this new field.

According to surveys done by the U.S. National Institute of Drug Abuse, the No. 1 reason why people use LSD is because “it’s fun.”

Tim Leary helped to popularize the use of LSD with the help of the word “ecstasy,” and sex expert Annie Sprinkle has been outspoken about the ecstatic possibilities available from combining sex and psychedelics.

Many hundreds of psychedelic trip reports have described long periods of deeply appreciating extraordinary beauty and savoring ecstatic bliss, experiences that were many orders of magnitude more intense than the subjects previously thought possible.

In research circles the unspoken and yet obvious truth about these extraordinary substances is that they’re generally safe and healthy ways to have an enormous amount of fun. There’s good reason why they’re called recreational drugs, despite being illegal.

When psychedelic research begins to integrate with applied neuroscience and advanced nanotechnology in the future, we can begin to establish a serious science of pleasure and fun.

Most likely this would begin with a study of sensory enhancement and time dilation (slowing down the perception of time), which are two of the primary effects that psychedelic drugs reliably produce.

Perhaps one day our brightest researchers and best resources will be devoted to finding new ways to enhance sexual, auditory, visual, olfactory, gustatory and tactile sensations and create undreamed of new pleasures and truly unearthly delights.

Scientific studies could explore new and better ways to improve sexual performance and further enhance sensory sensitivity, to elongate and intensify our orgasms, enlarge the spectrum of our perceptions, and deepen every dimension of our experience.

Sex, Sensuous, Sensual, Erotic

A thousand sensual feelings are emitted and at once sending out waves of climaxes which thrill the mind to even greater heights.

All sexual ecstasy has a quality of self-abandonment, of surrender to a force greater than the ego.

An openness of attention to each others thoughts can be as sexually “charged” as physical contact.

Beyond the play of the penis in the vagina lies the play of the organism in its environment.

Compared with sex under LSD, the way you’ve been making love, no matter how ecstatic the pleasure you think you get from it, is like making love to a department-store-dummy.

“Drug” means positive things, possible growth, opening up the mind, beauty, sensual awareness, religious revelation.

Each molecule is a heavenly octopus with a million floating jeweled tentacles hungry to merge. Driven by internal pressure, sexual in nature, towards union.

Forms and colors of abstract visions can be perceived as lascivious and obscene or very sensuous, sexually stimulating and seductive.

If no attempt is made to induce the orgasm by bodily motion, the interpenetration of the sexual centers becomes a channel of the most vivid psychic exchange.

In addition to being instruments of philosophic revelation, mystical unity and evolutionary insight, psychedelic drugs are very powerful aphrodisiacs.

Irrational, senile legislation preventing people from pursuing private, intimate experiences — sexual or spiritual — cannot and will not be obeyed.

The increased sensitivity and awareness enhances the pleasurable aspects of sexual experience.

The more expanded your consciousness, the farther out you can move beyond your mind, the deeper, the richer, the longer and more meaningful your sexual communion.

The orgasmic feeling, if felt deeply and strongly enough in sex, always includes an element of self-transcendence, or release.

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