Better Porn Buttocks

Sex with Strangers / Shake Those Buttocks!

I can’t get enough stranger sex since
discovering a kinky website.

I’ve gone from boring to whoring.

Lust No Caution

sex with strangers

My friends can’t believe the difference in me. They say that I’ve become far more confident, outgoing and assertive.

Recently in a bar, I saw a bloke I fancied and slapped his arse. He said he liked my style so we went outside for a snog and a grope.

I’d never have had the courage to do something like that before. Finally I am taking life by the throat.

I look fitter and sexier too. People say that I’ve got an amazing glow and energy about me. I put all of this down to the great sex I’m having.

Until last May I was the most uptight, dull woman you could meet. I was living alone, fat and unadventurous.

But one night I was fiddling around with my new laptop and got cheeky.

I checked out a couple of X-rated chat rooms and discovered one that really turned me on.

I told all sorts of saucy lies about my body and my sexual likes and suddenly found that I was popular.

A guy invited me on a date and I had sex for the first time in years. It blew my mind.

A sex party in a country house followed and I’ve been indulging my new-found lust for all things kinky every since.

I know what you think. This is bad behavior and makes me a sick and deviant person I’ve always been so worried about what other people think of me. Not fucking now!

Screw what my family and friends might say if they find that I’m now a player.

Feeling on top of the world right now.

My skin is glowing, confidence is rocketing and I’ve never felt more desirable. My brand new circle of friends are taking me to sexual heights. I feel I’m walking on air.

So, don’t be a killjoy. Don’t tell me a decent girl shouldn’t behave like this. Fuck being decent!

Great sex is about novelty, experimentation and lots of partners. Who wants safe, repetitive suburban sex?

Hold on to Those Buttocks!

Why are most men attracted to a woman’s backside?

That’s how males choose females for mating.
A prominent butt means the girl would be
productive and raise children easily.

The buttocks contain fat which which helps
sustain a pregnancy. Males are unconsciously
aware of this. Their brains are hardwired
to seek out a fertile female.

Buttocks Bring out
the Baboon in Men

Where do we even start? The video of “Work” is
such a mushroom cloud of sexiness that we realise
life is worthwhile with Rihanna in it.

Showing us Drake and RiRi in this crowded,
sweaty club, which is so sexy just on its own.

I loved the scenes where Rihanna is dancing
to her own reflection in the mirror, away
from Drake and the crowd, and from us, too.

She’s got that come-hither swag.
The way the cinematography works
here to build suspense is so key.

We see those fierce stilettos first, then that slow
pan up the thigh to reveal what she’s wearing
and how she’s styled.

Are those buttocks still magnificent?
It’s the first thing we want to know
when we hear there’s a new Rihanna video.

Rihanna and Shakira booty shake song from Aryan Sharma on Vimeo.

Even White Girls Can Pump


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