Decadence Desire

The Joy of Sexual Decadence

What the World Needs Now:
Perversion & Moral Breakdown

Anarchism and the specter of the anarchist
will always haunt authoritarians on both
the right and Left as being decadent.

We will forever represent to them the corrupting
uncontrollable, excesses of sex and violence,
perversion and moral breakdown.

For some of us, we couldn’t be happier.

Fashioning our lives as art, playing out our tragedies,
following our dreams of excess and pleasure are all
incredibly personal and social acts.

It’s about recreating yourself. For we decadent queer
anarchists, doing it against our oppression and
fucking flaunting it.

Decadent, queer anarchism is both individualist and communist.
It subverts and bitches out the social and touches the
dangerous and beautiful. It is destructive and creative.

We are a threat to bourgeois conformity because our
sexual attitudes aren’t organized round reproduction.

We threaten and refuse to reproduce the identities,
power relationships, consciousness that imperialist
racist hetero-patriarchy necessitates in so many ways.

Authoritarians on the Right and Left analyze the decadence of a given society based upon the extent to which it has become economically “unproductive.”

But fuck that – yeah, capitalism can’t fulfill its own goals. But productivity must be destroyed. Queer anarchist decadence is proudly counter-productive.

Decadence is a perpetual feature of oppressive systems on a world and local level. Power dynamics are constantly decaying and reinventing themselves through struggle, losing grip of some sectors and gaining control over others, changing to co-opt insurrection movements into manageable parts.

White supremacist capitalist patriarchy and US Empire thrive on crisis. Systems survive when what appears to be an unarguable decline today becomes a celebration of stability tomorrow, like rock’n’roll and 70’s economic shifts.

The middle-class GLBT movement has little to do
with decadence. It isn’t necessarily revolutionary.

Acceptable notions of white queer men as “progressive,”
entertaining, book-smart Dandies justify the ethnic
cleansing through white queer gentrification.

How do we make a revolutionary anarchist decadence
that defies recuperation back into the System?

How can we queers not fall into its traps?
Drugs, isolation, self destruction?

A self-proclaimed ‘public porn scholar’ and
‘sex-work-inclusive feminist’ claims the notion
of porn addiction is a fallacy invented by
the media, church and self-help industry.

To pathologize certain sexual identities
or practices is almost a tradition in the US.
So called porn addiction continues this deceit.

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