Doggie Style Rear Entry Sex

Rear Entry Sex [Fuck Me from Behind]

Rear entry sex: any sexual position
where one partner enters the other
from behind, either the vagina or anus.

There are many rear entry sexual
positions including positions in
which couples sit, stand or lie down.

A Variation of Doggy-Style

The Magic Mountain position is a twist on doggy-style in which the girl is leaning on a stack of pillows.

The illustration shows three pillows, but you may need more. Personally, I use three bed pillows and two couch ones.

If this is your first time starting in the doggy-style position you may find it uncomfortable. You need to be “warmed up” in another position beforehand.

Alternatively, ask your man to reach round and stimulate your clitoris as he pushes in.

This Is How You Do It

Arrange a big pile of pillows on the floor and fall into it face first, following its mountain shape so your back naturally arches.

Your man lies on top of you with both of you facing in the same direction, his chest glued to your back and his arms over yours.

Using the pillows for support, open your legs so he can kneel between them and enter you from behind.

You get the mischievous thrill of doing it doggie-style, a position every lover boy goes gaga for, but with super-soft support for you both.

With all that padding beneath you, he can go all-out wild with the thrusting. And unlike most backside boinks, his whole upper body is one with yours, giving intimacy addicts ultra-sensual head-to-toe connection. Focus on this skin-to-skin contact to add yet another sensation to the mix.

Switch around your body positions to have even more fun on the mountain of lust. Climb a little higher so that he’s almost lying on top of you for a while, then descend a bit so you’re practically sitting in his lap. Each tweak will give you something new to moan about.

Best Anal Sex

You probably know back-door entry during sex
stimulates super-sensitive nerve endings in the vagina.

You might not enjoy the butt stuff because there’s
not much for you to do but let him hammer away.

Luckily, the doggy-style take-it-from-behind position
isn’t your only option for anal sex. Being in control
of the depth of his penetration can make booty sex
even enjoyable than what you’ve tried before.

Get Your Rocks Off
[Her Bum in the Air]

In fact, that one move in particular allows you
to control the tempo, angle, and depth of his penis
while giving you and your partner easy access to
your clitoris for some serious stimulation.

BITA [Bum In The Air]

This position the best one for women and
it’s freak-friendly. She’s able to widen
her hips, more comfortable for her tush.

Additionally, BITA enables you to regulate the
intensity of penetration and the closeness
between you and your partner.

hanging breasts

Here’s how to do it: Pile pillows on top of each other
in front of your chest, and lean over them with your hands
on top. In this position, your torso should be at a 45-degree
angle, perpendicular to the bed or floor.

Kneel with your legs spread more than hip-distance apart
and have your partner enter you from behind.

Alternatively, you can invest in a wedge

Before you say, “Hey, this looks a little too familiar,”
you should know that geometry is on your side here.

Although this is similar to doggy style in that he
is behind you, this position allows you to hold
your body up at a straighter angle.

This gives you the power to rock yourself back
and forth while your partner presses their body
against yours. In other words, they’re just along
for the ride while you run the show.

A few extra pointers: Tease your anus beforehand to
allow your anal cavity to become more relaxed and
open to fully accepting the pleasure.

Additionally, be sure to use plenty of lube
and make sure you’re in control of the initial
penetration so he doesn’t enter you too quickly.

You can do this by reaching around and guiding the penis
in with your hand or communicating with your partner about
how fast or slow you want him to insert his junk.

As mentioned earlier, this position also allows
you to easily stimulate your clitoris, so you
can achieve a fantastic blended orgasm.

You can do this by using a vibrator yourself
or asking your partner to. Another option:
Have your guy reach around for a little manual

Topless DJ Aurika from On the Rocks on Vimeo.

Erotic Anal

Now that pornography is so easily accessible,
many more people have been exposed to anal sex.

Part of the appeal for men is the taboo factor.
It’s about their partner being trusting enough
to allow them to try it and being willing to be vulnerable.

But perhaps more significantly, the overall sensation
is much tighter than having the penis in the vagina,
Many men find anal sex more stimulating.

The Anus Is
an Erogenous Zone

It’s rich in nerve endings at the opening.
The rectum responds to stimulation and
penetration, which is why butt plugs exist.

The reason a lot of women experience pain is
because the opening of the anus is a ring of
muscle and it has to be unclenched for this to work.

It involves the field of anal foreplay, which includes
lube, massage, testing the waters with a pinkie, and maybe
reminding yourself that you consented to this.

Your anus is more delicate than your vagina and less
resilient.You can hurt someone if you do it wrong.
All that sensitive tissue is both a blessing and a curse.

Lesbian Anal

lesbian anl fisting

Anal Lust

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