Sexual Arousal

Sexual Needs: Rouse Me in the Morning

Typically, men only get an erection during REM sleep.
But women have a physiological response at any time
The clitoral erection is often paired with an orgasm.

Women have their very own version of morning wood.
It doesn’t just happen occasionally but quite a lot.

You’ve probably had several sex dreams in your
lifetime, or simply woken up feeling aroused.

Women are more likely to have an orgasm
at the same time during the dream phase.

The scientific term is ‘nocturnal clitoral tumescence’
(in men, it is called ‘nocturnal penile tumescence’)

The level of blood supply to the vagina when women
are sleeping goes up significantly – as high as
it does during sexual intercourse.

As pulses of blood flow into the vagina,
the clitoris engorges, vaginal sensitivity
increases and you become moist and warm.

In other words, you’re having an orgasm.

Most women don’t realise they are experiencing
a clitoral erection during and after sleep
because it is so much smaller than the penile one.

But if you’ve ever wondered why you sometimes
wake up feeling aroused and wet, this explains it.

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In the morning haze, when you’re at your most vulnerable
and still easing into the day, nothing beats the feeling
of having someone next to you tickling your fancy.

Morning sex is like eating chocolate cake for breakfast.
It’s decadent, indulgent and comforting. Plus, who doesn’t
want to linger in bed just a little longer?

Studies have shown that individuals who engage in morning
sex are healthier and happier people. Your post-coital
glow that others are noticing isn’t totally bogus.

Everyone has sex dreams. They’re more likely
with the position you go to sleep in.

I’ve found sleeping on my stomach hits the button.

We know men start having wet dreams
(nocturnal emissions) at puberty.

Women also have sex dreams that
may or may not end in orgasm.

As with other aspects of sexual arousal,
there may be no obvious, tangible signs
(like ejaculation), but she may be
woken up by a strong orgasm.

Some report they can have stronger orgasms in their
sleep compared with the ones when they are awake.

Some women can even have multiple orgasms in their sleep.
Because they usually don’t have ’emissions’ with their sex
dreams, terms like nocturnal orgasms, spontaneous orgasms,
and sleep-related orgasms are used to describe these instead.

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