Sexy Girls

School for Nymphets

The process of becoming an
adult is losing one’s innocence.

That’s why I admire young girls. They still
have that innocence and naivety about them
yet with an awareness of being desired.

I find that sexually attractive and beautiful.
I admire them as one would a work of art.
Something not to be touched. I don’t want
to risk ruining its delicate nature.

Is there a man here who isn’t excited
by budding sexuality in teenagers?

Go on, admit it. It’s no sin. It’s natural.

“Lolita” for the #MeToo era

That’s how “My Dark Vanessa” has been described.

It’s a titillating account of forbidden romance
between a whip-smart 15-year-old boarding school
student and her Harvard-educated English Lit
teacher and paramour.

When you peel back the veneer you’ll soon find
yourself caught in that shadowy realm between
good and evil, right and wrong, pedophile and
hapless fool who falls prey to a younger woman.

Blossoming Sexuality

Satire: Calling the transformation both delightful
and stunning, friends and family members confirmed
that 17-year-old Karen Price was blossoming into
an absolutely gorgeous object.

In the span of 14 months, the high school junior
underwent a staggering metamorphosis from a young
girl with thoughts, feelings, and aspirations into
a truly stunning commodity.

She has developed into quite a striking assemblage
of physical attributes found to be sexually attractive
in our culture.

She’s steadily matured from a precocious youth into a
shapely, ravishing thing empty of intellect and personality.

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