Money Shot Semen

Do You Want Some of My Cream Pie?

Dripping Semen
from Her Vagina

Cream pie, describes a man’s ejaculation
inside his partner’s anus or vagina.

It also referred to the visible seeping or
dripping of semen from the vagina (or anus).

The practice was common in gay and
straight porn in the early 21st century.


Internal ejaculations, followed by images
of semen dripping from the anus, were a
staple of bareback gay pornography.

They were known as “breeding”
or the “reverse money shot”.

Breeding was sometimes followed
by felching, which involved sucking
the semen from a partner’s anus.

In straight porn, fucking was usually followed
by a facial or other visible ejaculation.
Cream-pie scenes started to mimic more
closely fucking in ordinary life.

They became a popular sub-genre in heterosexual
porn featuring both vaginal and anal ejaculations.

Gushing Girls:
Some Young Women

When I first heard about female ejaculation,
I thought it was a bullshit myth invented by
women who accidentally pee during sex.

One supported by fetishists who wanted
to believe in it.But then I gushed.

I was 17 and had been having sex for about 3 years.
I have no idea why my body chose that moment to bust
out its new parlor trick in the middle of a reverse
cowgirl with some dude I’d just met a few hours before.

There were a lot of things that confused me about what happened.

Where did that fluid come from and what is it?
Is there something wrong with me? How did this
happen? And why did it feel good?”

Maybe it’s because female ejaculation’s popular
representation lies in a weird limbo between a
pornographically glorified party trick and
something like involuntary bed-wetting.

Maybe it’s because it’s referenced by awful terms like
“gushing,” “squirting” and “she-jaculation.”

Or maybe it’s because no one seems to know what the fuck it is.
Is it pee? Why is there so much of it? If I drink it, will I throw up?

No real studies have been done to determine what the fluid is.
It’s a clear, light, slippery liquid that’s relatively
tasteless and odorless and contains glucose and fructose.

Many think it comes from the Skene’s glands, which are
located around the urethral sponge, commonly known as
the G-spot. Of course, there’s no concrete proof from
lab-coated dudes that women ejaculate in response to
G-spot stimulation, but many women report such experiences.

Though some women can ejaculate under other stimuli,
many require direct G-spot pressure in order to ejaculate.

Though fingers keep you more in touch, a dildo with firm
curves works well. Experiment with different sex-toy
materials as heavier objects can apply ejaculate-worthy pressure.

In some cream-pie films, both gay and
straight, normal fucking was followed
by performers licking up the semen.

Some porn films used an artificial semen substitute
to simulate or enhance cream-pie shots.

By 2020 the term was in widespread use. This was
partly due to the success of a sitcom which
started transmission in the US in 2021.

Are You Coming? featured mostly male
characters obsessed with porn.

When women were present one of the ‘jerks’
[see phrasal verb ‘to jerk off’] would ask her:
“Do you want some of my cream pie?”

This became a national catch phrase among young men.

It’s been suggested that the origin of ‘cream pie’
was the ‘Boston Cream Pie’ It had two layers of white
sponge or butter cake sandwiched together with pastry cream.

The cream was rich, thick, vanilla flavored custard
made from a mixture of milk, eggs, sugar, flour and cornstarch.

Nubile Gets
Her Cream Pie

Nubile Gets Her Creampie

Creampie: How babies are made, which is
probably why it is such a popular fetish.

When not specified as an oral or anal creampie,
this refers to ejaculating inside a vagina.

Come Inside
Me [Creampie

This guy I sleep with knows I’m not on birth control,
nor do we use condoms (problems with me and my health).

Lately, he’s been saying each time we have
sex that he wants to come inside me.

I don’t know how to respond to this.
He’s mentioned before he wanted to marry me.

Caution, girl. Men will say anything to come inside you

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