What the Fuck

Seize the Fucking Moment

Seize the moment.
Go for a quickie

I’m fine with a quickie, if it
pleases him. But I probably
won’t reach an orgasm this way.
There’s always afterwards.
[know what I mean, girls?]

I enjoy pleasing the other. But a
quickie isn’t making love, It’s just a fuck.

If done correctly and both of us
are really in the mood to have
quick sex, then OK. I’m in the game.

Fucking Couple


If you’re all in, a quickie can pack quite a punch.
Even if you have to do a little warming up before
diving in, there is nothing to be lost
in these speedy sex sessions.

You can still get all the arousal, have all the fun,
and enjoy all the benefits you get from longer sex.

Is She Coming?

If you’re stuck in sexual monotony zone,
you should be looking to spice things up.

Quickies give you a chance to try something
new and seize the moment.The suddenness of the
act may be all you need to break the routine.

jenny gives us a glimpse

Nothing gives you more of a rush than the
feeling you’re doing something you shouldn’t.

Quick little trysts can build up your sexual
intensity when you do it in an unexpected
location or on the spur of the moment.
Not everything has to be planned to be perfect.

Mighty Fine Cunt

open up

One of the greatest parts of a quickie is not
even bothering with getting undressed.

Which is also part of the thrill.
Because you’re so hot that just can’t
be bothered with zippers and buttons.

Pure Nakedness from stop[gap] on Vimeo.

Coming on to your fuck partner in an instant
makes him feel you can’t wait to be with him.

You have to rip off his clothes
and do it right that very minute.

You’re expressing desire
in such an immediate way.

Seize the Fucking Moment

Heat up the anticipation.
Start warming up before
you get together.

If you have to travel to enjoy your brief
rendez-vous, call, text, or email beforehand
and declare how eager you are to play,
and how much your lover excites you.

That way, by the time you fall
into each other’s arms, you’re
both already roused.

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