Selling Sex

Selling Sex: Just Another Commodity

An Invitation to Fuck

Young, sexually attractive, enslaved by your credit cards?
Waste no time, girls. Start monetizing your erotic capital.
Find some male who’ll pay all your expenses.

There are 4 types of capital – the human, social, economic,
and erotic. The erotic value as been unfairly overlooked,
devalued, or demonized for hundreds of years in many
western cultures.

Erotic capital not only as powerful as the other 3 forms but also
the most egalitarian and democratic since even the poor and
disadvantaged can be born beautiful.

There’s an unholy alliance with
patriarchs to demonize erotic capital.

If a beautiful poor woman marries into a rich family society
condemns the woman for being a gold digger. But such
an arrangement is a fair trade: the woman is bartering with
her erotic capital to obtain economic capital.

Sexual allure is a commodity that people should use for profit
and professional advancement just as they use education or
networking skills.

From the dawn of time, it has been a sellers’ market for the
erotic entrepreneur. The reason: “male sex deficit,”
Or to use Bridget Jones’ phrase, from puberty till death,
men spend their lives gagging for it.

Porn, prostitutes, strip clubs, phone sex, Thai sex vacations —
the poor darlings can’t help themselves. Females are less sexually driven.

The smart teenager should start early and often to get gifts,
money, career advancement and a wedding ring.

Many radical feminists have encouraged young women to give it away
for free and enter egalitarian relationships, not to mention shun
bikini waxes and high heels.

You can root the problem in our Puritan inability to to let go
and indulge in hedonism and look forward to a career in sex.

A Kept Woman
[Using Sex to Exploit Men]

Aspiring designer Caroline Stepps hunted down a rich older man to pay her tuition fees.

The 22-year-old, who is studying fashion design at the University of Creative Arts met her sugar daddy on a dating website

Before that, she was struggling to pay her £10,000-a-year fees, had run up credit card debts and feared she would have to leave her course.

Now she gets her 43-year-old millionaire boyfriend to give her an allowance.

“I did think of doing all kinds of things to make extra cash – then I realised what I needed was a rich man to look after me.

“I met him via a website, explained my situation and he said he would help.

It might sound odd but he is now my boyfriend and we are in a committed relationship.

I want to be a fashion designer. Without him I just wouldn’t be able to do that. Or I would be saddled with huge debts.

I’ve heard of girls turning to prostitution, which is a more committed job.

I now manage to get through university and I have someone who treats me like a princess. I am one of the lucky ones.”

Teen Sex Selfies

A 14-year-old girl who sent an explicit
photograph of herself to a boy she liked
has been charged by authorities in Minnesota with
distributing child pornography.

The teenager known only as “Jane Doe” sent
the picture via the Snapchat messaging site.

The boy then showed it and shared it with
his friends without her permission. They have
also been charged under Minnesota’s pornography law.

Everyone’s Doing It

Eighty-eight percent of adults in the US have sexted
and shared or received sexually suggestive images.

There are increasing efforts to reframe sexting
as a form of positive relationship behavior
and an aspect of modern courtship.