Sexual Satisfaction

Sex Art

‘Sex Work’
Exhibition of
Feminist Art

During the 1970s, a range of work from a group of
revolutionary, sex-positive female artists was
deemed too sexually explicit to be put on show.

It was said of video art pioneer Natalia LL’s pieces that
played on physical sensuality: “America isn’t ready for this.”

Are we ready for pieces many feminists in
the 1970s thought should be kept in the dark?

There’s one powerful reason. The egregious
return of misogyny by the bigoted right.

It’s retaliation against Trump and his
followers’ ‘grab them by the pussy,’
disgusting, degrading treatment of women.

‘Sex Work’ aims to celebrate nine woman artists
who dared to put a transgressive spin on sexuality
who, for their forward-looking, feminist oeuvre,
were suppressed from the commercial gallery narrative.

Pole Dance Art from ERIC MINH SWENSON on Vimeo.

There are works by California-based artist Penny Slinger,
whose surrealist collages opened new doors into female
sexuality and enlarged the erotic imagery bank.

And from American artist Marilyn Minter, a nightlife
staple of the 1970s, whose style borrowed as much
from advertising as from pornography.

Polish artist Natalia LL, also part of the exhibition,
notoriously indulged in bananas and frankfurters on
screen, which caused uproar and titillation in equal parts.

In the large group exhibition, artists who do or have
done sex work define the sex work narrative on their
own terms, presenting artwork in an array of media
that speak to their personal experiences.

Art & Craft

from tsurufoto. on Vimeo.

Lust, Naturally

Even if you think you’re not kinky, there’s
a chance your brain might be. When it comes
to getting turned on and orgasming, your brain
deserves more credit than it often get.

You know by now: sexual fantasies are
normal. They allow us to explore our
sexuality in a safe space – our imaginations.

Sharing sexual fantasies with one another
can renew excitement in a relationship.
Or you can keep them in mind for solo
pleasure. Time to tune in and turn on.

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