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I’m so wet/hard right now. I don’t have any panties on.

I’m dripping. I need to feel you inside me.

I need your lips against my skin. Tease me down there.

I want your mouth on me. I want you to fuck me from behind.

I want to play with your cock. Let me get you off.

I want you to undress me. I want you between my thighs.

I want to taste you.I want your cock in my mouth.


Beyond sex robots: Erobotics
explores erotic human-machine.

Powered by advancements in artificial intelligence (AI)
and social robotics, artificial social agents are learning
to communicate, learn and socialize, transforming our societies.

Yet research on human-machine interaction is still
in its early stages, particularly in the areas
of intimacy and sexuality.

Those two areas may just be some of the most important
ones to consider when it comes to the AI revolution,
because new advanced technologies increase the
possibilities of human interaction with artificial
erotic agents or erobots.


Why attitudes towards sex
may change rapidly in future

In the future people will still have sex – but not as often for the purpose of making babies. In 20 to 40 years, most privileged people with good health coverage will choose to conceive in a lab.”

Intimate photos of
Colombia’s sex motels

The Colombian city of Cali in South America is a hotbed for living out your sexual fantasies. In the introduction to his book The Joyous Life, currently in the works.

While the family-home marital bed might be what most people consider the centre of sexual activity, this is actually wrong.

Since mankind created cities, men and woman all over the world have had more, better sex in places specifically designed for such activity.

And in Colombia at least, we’re having sex in movie theatres, pool halls, luxury spas, gyms, and even internet cafés.

Prostitution in Cali is legal and provides a source of income for many.There are over 400 sex establishments which are legally registered, and then, of course, likely hundreds more that fly beneath the radar.

Sex motels can come in all shapes and sizes and for all wallets and while many might look as you’d expect, others are often found in the rooms of a less assuming establishment.

Fitted out with necessities such as plastic sheets, paper towels, and ceiling fans, Hollander set about exploring the axis of lust, local culture, and the brilliantly kitsch sex architecture and design of the city’s love motels.

I can reach orgasm masturbating
to erotica, but not
with a partner

I am an 18-year-old woman and have had two sexual partners. My current boyfriend is loving, passionate, not at all selfish, and would do anything to make me orgasm. However, I can’t find the mental stimulation that turns me on enough. I can orgasm with porn or when masturbating alone, but not with him. I feel very ashamed and embarrassed about it.

Orgasm is often elusive if one makes it the primary goal. Both you and your partner are currently extremely goal-oriented – for different reasons. He is overly invested in achieving your orgasm for you, and this is putting pressure on you. This impasse will not improve without a complete motivational switch.

Universal Desire:
Men and Women Respond
Differently to Erotic Images

The magazine Playgirl famously ran an inquiry targeted at (presumably heterosexual) women and their responses to male nude images.

It just as famously ended up with a readership of mostly homosexual men. The fate of the phallically bountiful periodical seemed to confirm the popular modern belief that women don’t find such visual stimuli particularly arousing.

Some subsequent scientific findings appeared to validate that conventional wisdom, suggesting that men and women’s brains differ in their responses to sexual imagery.

The issue with such studies is the social and cultural baggage about sex and desire that women likely bring into a controlled laboratory environment.

It’s tough to get an unfiltered biological response to a sexual stimulus, especially when most studies rely on women’s own reporting about their responses—which is often shaped by the burden of socio-cultural influences.

These Erotic Resorts Will Make
Your Vacation The Sexiest Ever

While vacations can be a great way to recharge,
there’s no better way to ensure that you’re having
lots of vacation sex than to heads to an erotic …

The Life Erotic

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