Sexual Appetite

When Sex Becomes Routine

We often start a new relationship thinking our past
sexual patterns or way of having sex somehow vanishes.

That’s because the sex is new and fun in the relationship.
We think past sexual patterns don’t matter, but they do.

As we get older and have more sexual partners
and ways of masturbating, we get into a sexual
pattern that we may not even realize and it
will eventually become rigid [pun intended].

All we can hope is that the sexual pattern
can be shared with our partners, working it
into the love-making..

The downside? we’re afraid to talk about it.
Eventually go behind their backs to fill
the sexual desires with another person or porn.

This often happens in a relationship. The sexual
pattern reveals itself after years of unsatisfying sex.

Fucking Bad Habits

What Is a Sexual Pattern?

This is the way a person goes about getting sexual pleasure in their lives. Believe it or not most people have a certain way they masturbate themselves to orgasm or a particular position in sex that brings them to climax.

The pattern can begin very early in life when a person first starts to masturbate. Masturbation for a man will take on a particular rhythm and way that he brings himself to climax.

In some cases this will carry over to sex with a partner and he will get into the sexual position that masturbates him that way or with a hand job and go back to the same motion. With some men that sexual pattern can involve certain thoughts or even sexual fetishes.

With a woman it may vary a little more but still her way of climaxing is usually when she can achieve that first orgasm and she knows that she can have it that way every time.

Women are more likely than men to use sex toys and in that sense she can change it up a bit with a new toy.

For a woman who climaxes in a certain sexual position she will most likely go back to that position with her partner each time to climax unless they can bring some sex play into the relationship and experiment with new techniques.

When this sexual pattern can be shared with a partner then the couple can explore the pattern together and come up with new ideas, positions ways of climaxing.

If the couple doesn’t share the sexual pattern or try and explore new ways of bringing each other to orgasm the sex can get pretty fucking boring.

Sex Exercise Routine

There are two secrets to great sex that nobody
talks about: strength and flexibility.

Sculpting and stretching key muscles can mean
the difference between finishing strong and
kinking up (or conking out!) mid-session.

Integrate these targeted exercises into your
usual workout routine to feel much more pleasure
tonight—and tone up while you’re at it.

Sex Exercise Routine

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