Object of Desire

She’s My Doll

Dolly Bird

A young woman who is thought of as
attractive but not very intelligent.

London emerged in the 1960s as the style capital
of the world, its youth culture coming from the
influences of new music and street fashion.

Pop prototypes emerged during this time.
One of them was the dolly bird, with Jean
Shrimpton and Twiggy as dolly-bird style icons.

60s Dolly Bird features the artist with
heavy eye makeup and long red hair.

She is painted in the centre of a strip of
bright pink cotton fabric, holding a bright
blue purse and wearing a green A-line dress
with white scalloped neckline, black fishnet
stockings and white knee-high boots: clothes
and accessories typical of fashionable young
women in the 1960s.

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