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Uncontrollable Urge / Size Matters / Get Those
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Sex / Lesbian Arousal /The Last Temptation

Once she’d caught my eye, she slowly
started pulling off her top. I was mesmerised!

She oozed sex. Her interest in me was an aphrodisiac.
We’d been acquaintances for a while but I hadn’t
seen her with lustful eyes before that day.

My gaze wandered over her exposed
breasts. Jesus! I felt completely
powerless. She’d left me helpless.

Had she deliberately manipulated
me because she could?

Women like to try out their seductive techniques.
A teenage girl will practise on her father.

Sultry Look
Gorgeous Breasts

Her sexy curves give her a pair of grade-A
breasts and great buttocks to grasp.

Her breasts are a perfect handful
tipped with lovely light areolas
and nipples that plead attention.

She’s a slender fireball, hot-to-go brunette
with a sultry smile and a killer body.

Uncontrollable Urge

Monogamy is society’s way of constraining female sexuality.
This constraint is unjust and prudish.

Society’s repression of female sexuality has reshaped women’s
desires and sex lives. Women’s sexuality is not the rational,
civilized and balancing force it’s so often made out to be.

It is base, animalistic and ravenous, everything
we’ve told ourselves about male sexuality.

Uncontrollable Urge

Size Matters

Remember those embarrassing sex ed class at school?
A blushing teacher would demonstrate how to put on a condom.

We all found much more difficult at our first attempt in real time.
Struggling to put a condom on can be a real turn-off.
If only we’d learnt some sexy tricks to practice safe, hot sex.

We weren’t told how to know what size condoms to buy.
Boys tend to use whatever is cheapest or
what is guaranteed to feel the best.
But size is just as important as pleasure.

Condoms are 98 percent effective when used perfectly,
but only 82 percent effective with typical use
like wearing a condom that’s too small or too big.

Come on, guys! We know we don’t all need Magnums.
Condom size can make a difference in how effective
it is at preventing pregnancy. Wear a condom which
is too tight and it could break.

Wear one that’s too big and it could slip off.

How can we expect teens to engage in safe
and healthy sexual activities if they’re never
told that both condom size and correct use matter?

Get Those Knickers Off!

Get Them Off Woman! from Sexy Production on Vimeo.

On behalf of women everywhere, I’ve conducted
a large-scale survey of men across a multitude
of ages, social status, races, professions,
religious beliefs and sexual persuasions.
The aim of the survey? To find out
Which Knickers Make Men Hard.

can I smell your knickers

The conclusions I’ve drawn from this extensive survey
are that men just want to get your knickers off.

French or frilly, sheer or shiny, boyish or beribboned.

What matters is not what he thinks, but how you feel.
A woman who feels good in her own knickers is quite
enough to get off on, even before you’ve got them off.

If Bella wanted to date a woman, she’s got a partner in mind:
Kristen Stewart, an actress who’s been romantically linked
to a number of women. She came out as “so gay, dude”
on a recent chat show.

“She’s such a hot dish,” Bella said. “She seems
like the raddest chick, I’d be so down.”

Fantasy girl 3 from Federico Maio Art on Vimeo.

More Oxygen for
Greater Sex

Greater Sex

Porn-industry publicity tends to portray porn
actresses as being bisexual but such on-screen
activity doesn’t necessarily reflect real-life
sexual orientation.

Some actresses who perform in these scenes are bisexual
or lesbian in real life, while others are “gay-for-pay”
and are exclusively heterosexual off-camera.

Mainstream pornography depicting sex between women
is typically aimed at a male audience (although it
does have a small lesbian audience).

Lesbian Arousal

The Last Temptation

Take Your Clothes Off from jason wilson on Vimeo.

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