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Sex in Fiction – Get the Plot

You can find several great erotic fiction threads
telling tales of man-woman sex, same-gender lovin’,
BDSM, group sex, voyeurism, sex parties, including
erotica written from a woman’s perspective

The Cabin Hideout

Plot: In a dystopian society, a man and a woman hide from the government in a cabin outside of the city. But hiding is boring, and they have to find a way to pass the time.

Features: Penis-in-vagina sex from a woman’s point of view, rough sex, light choking, dirty talk.

Excerpt: “‘Yeah, I was thinking of having someone fuck my brains out, but sadly it’s incredibly hard to find a man who’s up to the job.’

“Alex shook his head and smiled over her lady-like choice of words, then nodded over to the couch. ‘You know, I bet this poor couch has never seen any fucking. I feel like we should change that.'”

Pajama Party Wife Swap

Plot: Two couples attend a pajama party-themed sex party and decide to swap partners for the night.

Features: Swinging, BDSM, voyeurism, penis-in-vagina sex from a woman’s point of view, and attraction between two women.

Excerpt: “Tom looked over at us and whispered, ‘You guys want to come to our room? We brought an eighteen year old bottle of Glenfiddich.’

“Max and I looked at each other. I waited for Max to make the final determination. He stood up and hauled me up with him. Tom helped Ann up and together, we made our way out of the basement. As we passed a mounted rack of whips and riding crops, Tom grabbed a flogger from the wall before we made our way upstairs.”

The Vacation Flight

Plot: A man and woman on an airplane sneak into the bathroom to join the mile-high club.

Features: Fingering and penis-in-vagina sex from the man’s point of view.

Excerpt: “My palm brushes against your cheek, falling across your body, over your breasts and down your tummy to rest on your thigh under the blanket. Our lips separate from a kiss as you gasp, my fingertips stroking up and down your inner thigh.”

Gorgeous Gabrielle from Tiago Ribeiro on Vimeo.


Plot: A woman and a man attend an exclusive, high-scale 12-hour-long sex party.

Features: Public sex, group sex, BDSM, a blow job between two cisgender men, threesomes, and oral sex from a cis woman’s point of view.

Excerpt: “Watching the beautiful show of lost inhibitions, partygoers of all types sat on burgundy and black furniture arranged haphazardly around the open hall, engaging in various acts of sex. Some were just enjoying the show as teasing caresses began to heat up their bodies. Some were toying with themselves; either with their own hands or with various novelties available for purchase. And others were with their partners or in groups, using the immense sexual energy flowing through the hall to fuel their own burning need to explore some of their deepest and darkest desires.”

Sales of urban fantasy, erotica, and romance books are
growing faster than the engorged manhood of a vampire
whose lack of blood circulation has mysteriously not
left him impotent.

Maybe this is because society has become more accepting
of sexuality overall. Or maybe it’s just because ebooks
have finally fulfilled humanity’s long-held dream of
being able to buy selkie erotica without having to
awkwardly avoid eye contact with the bookstore clerk.

Whatever the reasons behind it, this pornucopia
has also created a problem. Romance and erotica
publishing is now so big that authors are pushing
the boundaries of what it’s possible to write about.

We’ve moved past standard vampire erotica into
stories about ladies boning zombies and angels.

Werewolf romance has expanded into a wider
“shapeshifter” genre that encompasses
werepanthers and werebears. We have NASCAR
romance and dinosaur porn, for god’s sake.
Where can the industry possibly go next?

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