Seize the Fucking Moment

Sex in the Woods

A Quick Guide
to Fucking in the

Do it in a tent. You’ve got a little privacy but nature
is still accessible. Plus, you can wake up to the morning
sun peeking through the tent walls when you’re camping.

exposed in the woods


Use your picnic blanket. After the snacks are devoured,
cuddle up with your man and see where it goes!

The blanket provides protection from the ground,
though not necessarily any creepy crawlies that
might be attracted to foodstuffs.

Stormy – The Forest from Brent Kore on Vimeo.

Have sex in a cabin. You can step outside for
breathtaking views, but you’re protected from
the elements, animals and strangers.

Many cabins are available to rent.
They range from rustic to sophisticated!



Use your car. You’ll need to know a few things about
having sex in a car, but we’ve literally written
the guide for that. It’s more affordable than renting
a cabin but more private and secure than a tent.



Nude in the Wood

Nudes in the Wood from Poglazey Studio on Vimeo.

Outdoor Sex:
Set Yourself Free

A Long time ago only the rich had sex inside
because they were the only ones who had private
rooms. Everyone else did it in the local forest.

Your local forest is, in fact, a great place to have sex.
You’re alone, relatively hidden, and no one can hear you
through thin walls because there are no walls!
It’s the perfect place to let your wild side go.

Fucking in Nature

Outdoor sex liberates you from the body insecurities
and hang-ups which plague more conventional settings.

Before I started having sex outdoors, I hadn’t tried anything
other than standard sex with my boyfriend in the bedroom.

Our sex life was healthy, but not
adventurous or particularly out there.

In my head, I used to romanticize having sex outside.
I thought that the weather would be perfect and the
whole situation would be great, and there wouldn’t
be any of the shit side of it: the getting messy,
and the fear of someone walking past.

One day, we’d been driving around for quite a long time
in the middle of nowhere. We got out of the car to look
at the view and ended up having sex.

The whole time, I was looking over my shoulder to see if
anyone was watching. I remember thinking, This is what
teenagers do. This is so cheesy. I’m so immature.

The sex wasn’t that amazing, or comfortable.
We were slanted on a hill, half-upside down,
clothes still on.

It was like having sex on a festival site that
had recently been evacuated.

It was very short-lived. He was scared someone would
walk past, so it only lasted about two minutes.

Afterwards, I felt happy with myself.
Smug even, like I’d achieved something.

This started a trend of us having sex outdoors.
Once you’ve broken those boundaries it snowballs.

You think, we’ve done it once, why not do it again?
After a while, you don’t even care if someone walks by.

For me, outdoor sex is all about the spontaneity.
I get off on it. When you’re having sex in a regular
bedroom setting, sex feels so premeditated and formulaic.

When I’m outdoors, I care less about what I look like.
I don’t have so many body hang-ups, and I lose my inhibitions.

I feel freer and less constrained by ideas of what I look like
or whether I’ve waxed, or anything like that.

Even if I don’t always come or have the best
technical sex outside, these moments count
as highlights of my sexual experiences.
I really feel I’ve had fun and let go.

Animals do it all the time. From what I can tell about cavemen,
they probably didn’t mind a romp in the woods either.
If it’s good enough for them, it must be natural.

Fucking Picnic powered by YouPorn.

Nature Girl from Katlyn Hubner on Vimeo.

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