Sexual Satisfaction

Sex: It Feels Good

Eat Pray & Fuck

There’s a wide variation in what turns people on,
but we’re still pretty surprised by this one.

The up and coming supermodel shared
that praying makes her horny.

“My husband and I have prayer nights together, because
I like to do meditation and prayer and so does he on his own.

But then when we do it together, it just feels
more powerful. And in that power when we’re praying,
it’s like, ‘Oh … do you feel that?’”

When the lights go down, the worship music goes up
and we’re like: ‘Hello!’ And next thing you know —
after we pray, because we have priorities — we rip it off.
It’s a great bonding experience for both
the spiritual aspect and physical aspect.”

Ways of Saying Let’s Fuck Flashes of Flesh.
Alicia Enjoys a Cum Shot. Babes Share Same Cock.

Why Don’t
You Come In?

How Do You Approach the Question of Sex?

Sometimes it’s as easy as sending a text
message like “sex” on your way home from
work or inviting him over to “watch a movie.”

But at some point, we’ve all had to prod
our layboy into taking those pants off.

Girl on Fire

Girl on Fire from Simon Bolz on Vimeo.

My Ex and I used to refer to it as “Stir-fry”, as
in “hey honey, do you want to come over tonight
for some stir-fry?” and we’d actually usually
be eating stir-fry before-hand.
We ate a lot of Stir-fry…it’s healthy.

Flashes of Flesh

Flashes from Snow Leopard on Vimeo.

My ex and I used “laundry” as our code word for sex.
One day we were in the car with my mom and he told
me he needed my help with some “laundry” when we
got home. My mother then asked him why he couldn’t
just do it by himself, he told her it was a “big load.”

Alicia Enjoys
a Cum Shot

My significant other and I use “socks” as
a code-word for condoms. We use something
along the lines of “I need a change of socks”,
or “I REALLY need to put some socks on.”

Babes Share Same Cock

Sexual Pleasure
for Women

A Woman’s Sexual
Pleasure Should Come First

You Just Can’t Have too Much Lube!

For many woman adding a lubricant to love making can make sex go from uncomfortable to ecstatic. This is really not just about women who experience “vaginal dryness” which can happen quite normally in women as they age.

This can be about adding pleasure to women who lubricant quite normally. Lubricants can enhance female pleasure. One more word about aging women and lubricants.

If we are going to be comfortable talking to men about Erectile Dysfunction and supporting lots of older men with their problem, we’d better get comfortable talking to older women about lubricants! It takes two! There I said it! Is everyone doing okay?

How to Improve Your Own Pleasure

Many woman’s sexual experiences could be remarkably improved by learning how to receive pleasure as opposed to developing skills on how to give pleasure.

If you look around there are a million courses on how a woman can learn to please a man. It is embedded in our culture going back to the beginning of time.

Sure, I know that there are also lots of books and videos for men about pleasing a woman in bed. But I am actually talking about something radical.

What if the sexual partner told their female lover that tonight was just all about them? Have you ever tried that? What if the partner told their female lover that you did not want her to touch back.

That your pleasure was simply to give her pleasure. Men also like to feel they’re giving sexual pleasure to their women.

Clit! Clit! Clit!

Some people call it “the love button” or “the little man in the boat.” But the clitoris, the pivotal organ of female sexual response, is hardly little.

Many people assume that all there is to the clitoris is what they can see, a sensitive little button of flesh ensconced between the labia under the hood of its foreskin.

It turns out that the entire clitoris is a wishbone-shaped structure about 3 ½ inches in length and 2 ½ inches in width. The glans of the clitoris is the visible tip that protrudes at the top of the female genitalia.

But the clitoris extends into the body and then splits downward into two leglike parts, the crura, which are composed of erectile tissue and are adjacent to the vagina and urethra.

The vaginal wall is, in fact, the clitoris. If you lift the skin off the vagina on the side walls, you get the bulbs of the clitoris – triangular, crescent-shaped masses of erectile tissue.

This knowledge has begun to change our understanding of female sexuality. It makes the clitoris central to sexual responsiveness but also shows how the clitoris is integrated with other parts of female genitalia.

It’s the only human organ whose sole function is sexual pleasure. The penis, besides sexual pleasure, has the tasks of urination and fertilizing the ovum. Is there something troubling about pure sexuality and a wish to eliminate an organ with no other “practical” purpose?

Do men have a psychological need to diminish female sexuality? Do men envy the power of a woman’s eroticism? Perhaps men wish to deny that females can have multiple orgasms, thanks to an organ devoted exclusively to pleasure.

So they make that organ small and insignificant or erase it from the textbooks entirely. Men try to form-fit a woman’s anatomy to a male standard and describe it in male-centric terms.

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