Sexual Appetite

Sex Marriage Boredom

Familiarity Breeds Boring Sex

You know the cliché. They get married
but don’t live happily ever after.

They start losing interest in fucking every night.

Soon enough, their former hot sex life
is as lively as a flaccid penis.

It’s natural to crave novelty, especially
new and exciting sex. It’s what makes new
couples want to rip the buttons off each
others’ shirts and engage in animal sex.


Of course, there’s money to be made out of relationship
advice books which declare that anyone can reignite
the spark in their marriage,

The books/articles include whole spectrum of tips
from recreating the courtship mood through role-play
to scheduling mandatory date nights.

It’s impossible to replicate the passionate,
crazy-heat phase of a relationship.

You might as wish every day was Christmas.

Women Lose Interest in
Sex Sooner Than Men

Sex after marriage is a tricky endeavor. Not because it isn’t hot at
the beginning, but because it’s so difficult to keep it up [pun intended].

The longer a woman is in a relationship, the more her sexual desire decreases.

Do some women just grow tired of the same sexual
partner, or is sexual desire more complicated?

Male desire for sex is supposed to remain high throughout
his life so he can produce as many offspring as possible.

But for women, who physically can’t bear children
after menopause, their desire levels are designed to
taper off in parallel with their reproductive limitations.

The Death of Marriage

By the mid-1990s a third of Americans were born outside
marriage. Congress, largely blaming welfare, imposed
tough restrictions. Now the figure is 41 percent. 53
percent for children born to women under 30.

Almost all of the rise in non-marital births has
occurred among couples living together.

While in some countries such relationships endure
at rates that resemble marriages, in the US they
are more than twice as likely to dissolve than marriages.

Two-thirds of couples living together split
up by the time their child turned 10.

Explanations for marital decline start with home economics:
men are worth less than they used to be. Among men with
some college but no degrees, earnings have fallen 8 percent
in the past 30 years.

The earnings of their female counterparts have risen
by 8 percent. Having to rely on men is a thing of the past.

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