Seize the Fucking Moment

Sex: Scream and Shout

Bring out
the Beast in
a Woman

Having a good old scream during sex
can help women to orgasm a lot faster.

We’re using our voices by way of encouragement
and as a conscious decision rather than the sex
noises flowing out of you like water in a sex fountain.

It has a sort of domino effect; the more noise
a woman makes, the more confident her partner feels,
the more noise her partner makes, the more turned
on they’re both likely to get.

Yelling ‘Fucking Fantastic!’ acts as positive
reinforcement for the person we’re screwing.

It boosts your self-esteem in bed. When that happens
you feel way more relaxed, less stressed about doing
a bad job and therefore more likely to orgasm yourself.

Scream and Shout

This Is
What You Do

1. Moans
There’s no denying that moaning is pretty sexy
Most men and women enjoy hearing their partners moan.

2. Dirty talk
Like hearing stuff that will make anyone blush?

3. Screams
It probably isn’t surprising that men deal with
screams better than women. A well-judged scream
at the right moment will help him climax.

One great orgasm per night is more than most of us
could hope for. But can you make her scream your
name with multiple sex sessions until the sun comes up?

This is because the typically slow male refractory
period [the time it takes to get another erection]
can splash cold water all over your steamiest intentions.

The key to a sex marathon is slowing down, taking
turns, having multiple orgasms, and (most likely)
saving the vaginal sex for the finale.

A Long Night
[Continuous Orgasms]

Lascivious from Simon Bolz on Vimeo.

It doesn’t get more fantastic than that, does it?
Sadly, having sex all night is not as simple or as
easy as just showing up with a pile of lube at the ready.

Tantric sex is the kind of extended sex I know best.
The typical tantric ritual takes anywhere from
2.5 to 4 hours. I do know one couple who
Are able to stretch it out all night.

Long Night from Pablo Quevedo on Vimeo.

What Women
Want to Hear

Discourse may not be the first thing on the agenda
when it comes to a enjoying a sexual encounter.

But it seems certain phrases are welcome.

Surprisingly, women rated being asked to “call him daddy”
as the top turn-on when it came to words to get them going.

In second place, was the equally bold “he tells me how tight it is”,
while in third place was “he tells me how much he’s enjoying it”.

One of the top things women don’t like about
their partners is making “too much noise”.

But both men and women enjoyed talking
dirty to each other. It just comes
down to finding the right balance.

Have You Heard
Her Primal Scream?

What Do Women Want?

Women want to be being desired in a very primal way.
It’s a point my female friend strongly identified.

She told me that one of the best things about her
current relationship was how strongly desired her
boyfriend made her feel, both physically and intellectually.
At the same time she felt respected and cared for.

Don’t Believe The Hype

She said it was important for her to be desired physically,
but not just that desired for everything she is, inside and out.

My response was that it is difficult for men,
especially those of us who appreciate and embrace
the importance of being respectful and considerate
towards women, to balance those attitudes with the
animalistic, non-rational expressions of passion
and desire that women want from us.

Fuck Like
Cats in the Alley

Isn’t That What’s
Her Name?

Do You Want
to Ride in My Tub?

Sultry Look
Gorgeous Breasts

The Porn
Art Gallery
Is Now Open

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