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Adults Have Sex with Adolescents

Ravishing from Matt Blum on Vimeo.

‘I’ll tell you want I want. I want you to ravish me
and ravish me and ravish me! I want you to ravish me
to death! I want you to do it now! Now!’

so fucking horny

The Pleasure of Pain

Have you fantasized about erotic bondage? Imagined yourself being lovingly tied up and then ravished? If so, you aren’t alone. Bondage is one of the most common sexual fantasies for both men and women alike, and with good reason. Bondage is risky, dangerous, and really sexy.

You can enjoy all the thrills of more daring sex while minimizing the risk to your body and your relationship. If you follow this advice, you can have exciting erotic adventures without all the risk. The same goes for bondage: you can easily enjoy the thrills of erotic bondage without going to extremes.

Here are the basics of bondage you need to know.

1. Being tied up can make you feel incredibly free.

Many people crave the release of being restrained, with nowhere to go and nothing to do other than receive their lover’s touch. Once you’re cuffed, your mind can turn off and all of your focus turns to the sensations in your body.

If you’re stressed out, tense and overburdened, the escape of a few hours as an erotic captive can be sweet release. Pair bondage with the physical intensity of erotic spanking, and you have a recipe for profound relaxation and tremendous pleasure.

2. Bondage goes way beyond just handcuffs.

Unless you get really turned on by playing cops and robbers, handcuffs aren’t the best choice for bondage. There are excellent options for bondage that offer safe, sensual restraints. Explore leather cuffs, satin ties (but NOT silk scarves!), bondage tape and even something originally designed for horses.

3. It’s a great way to create vulnerability and trust.

When you consent to being tied up by your lover, you’re expressing complete trust. Nothing is more vulnerable than being restrained, unable to escape. To willingly choose this experience is a powerful expression of trust. Only play with erotic bondage with someone you trust completely; never try bondage on the first date.

Bondage is one of the many sexual experiences that gets better as you deepen trust over time. When you trust your lover so much that you can give yourself over to their touch, relaxing completely in your restraints, you can experience true physical vulnerability: a pure aphrodisiac.

4. It heightens sensuality and sensitivity.

Have you ever slipped on a blindfold and felt your sense of touch grow way more sensitive? The same thing happens with bondage. Once you’re firmly restrained, all sensations are heightened and amplified. Your lover’s touch becomes electric.

Of course, bondage and blindfolds go very well together. But even without a blindfold, bondage creates delicious sensuality. Some people even love the combination of bondage and massage. You don’t have to like rough sex to love bondage; it can be gentle, sensual and pleasurable.

5. You can unleash your inner erotic animal.

All too often, we keep our sex lives way too polite. At the core, we’re animals, and sex can be a fun way of expressing your more bestial nature. Bondage gives you the opportunity to get a little more kinky in bed.

Once you’re fully restrained, you can tug and pull at your bondage, safely expressing your feisty side. Many people love this aspect of erotic bondage — the invitation to struggle and be pleasured at the same time.

I Want a Woman with
Sexual Experience

tempting you

Heterosexual sexual activity in the capitalist marketplace
constitutes a resource where female sexuality is of
significantly greater value than male sexuality.

It would be reasonable to assume women could convert
their ownership of the sexual resource into other forms
of symbolic capital and into economic and social power.

Yet this is not the case in practice. Despite
the dominance of capitalist values our society
has yet to overcome the supremacy of patriarchy.

We have developed complex cultural and legal strategies
to prevent women from using their sexual resources
to promote their much-in-demand resource.

is she good in bed

Party Girls

Party Girls from DIVISION on Vimeo.

Sexuality: The Real Thing

Myths about
Women’s Sexuality

These include: women aren’t hardwired for promiscuity.
That security and emotional connection are the most
important factors in women’s sexual transactions.

That, above all, sexuality in women is
constitutionally milder than in men,
rather than the result of centuries-old
social conditioning.

Tittilating from Stephanie Sellars on Vimeo.

The Anatomy of Female Desire – understand
how your body is a sexual pleasure machine.
We’re designed for exquisite pleasure.

Keep Yourself ‘Simmering’ – learn the positive
feedback loop of keeping yourself turned ‘on’
and how that leads to incredible sexual response.

Awakening Your Vagina – learn how to awaken
yourself to greater pleasure than ever before.

Young Women Display
Their Sexual Desire

“WAP” is a great example of women communicating
their sexual desire — something we have relatively
few examples of in pop culture, and something many
women feel uncomfortable doing in their own lives.


Women everywhere rejoiced in the glory
and overt sexuality of the song.

“WAP” [Wet-Ass Pussy] became an instant sensation.
Many fans and music critics praised “WAP” for its
Black female sexual power.

The song, which serves as an acronym for a well-lubricated
vagina, has outraged many because it’s a clear example
of women talking about sex in the same as way men.

Pussy is a slang word for women’s genitalia.
Wet-ass means “extremely wet,” with wet here
referring to female sexual excitement.

It’s no surprise self-righteous men
are outraged over a wet ass pussy.

Criticizing and suppressing women who
harness their sexuality and discuss it in frank
vulgar — terms is part of a long history of
policing women’s sexuality.

It’s not surprising that some men are threatened
when women display and celebrate their sexuality.
Unfortunately it’s to be expected.

Women’s sexuality has long been a threat to neanderthal
men, which we can trace even as far back as the Bible.

In the story of Adam and Eve, women are painted as
temptresses who will lead to the destruction of man,
as illustrated by Eve taking a bite of forbidden fruit.

Women’s sexual desires were to be controlled,
or the woman displaying desires outside the
“norm” was to be punished.

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