Sex Siren: Pole Dancing

Why all women should give pole fitness a try
It’s only pole dancing. How tough could it be?

Was I in for a surprise! After one hour-long
class, every muscle in my body was quivering.

I was really discouraged.I couldn’t do half
the moves the instructor showed us.

At the end of class, I was told that I needed
to wear less clothing, as skin on pole contact
is best and my sweats and tee-shirt weren’t cutting it.

After my second class, I was surprised by my strength gains.
I was ‘spinning’ and ‘climbing’ before I knew it. Plus, it was fun!

Despite gasps of shock from family and friends
(“you’re doing what?”), I was hooked and determined
to find space for pole fitness into my life.

Why women should
give pole fitness a try

1. It’s Risqué

The stereotype of what pole dancing means to the majority
of people, although changing and getting better every day,
is part of the allure to some women. It’s also a great
conversation topic at parties or work.

It’s like Role-Playing

Besides the fact that you get to wear 6-inch stilettos
when you work out, you also get to be a sex siren for an hour.

Also, building the leg and arm strength needed
to climb the pole and hold yourself up and
the coordination to follow the choreography.

You get to do moves like head and hip rolls,
mimicking the sexy dancers you often see at
strip clubs while toning at the same time!

3. Female Bonding

Women who take the classes together create great
friendships while bonding over the fun of pole dancing.
No one is catty or judgmental so it’s a place you can
be free to camp it up and be a sex siren.

What’s Wrong
with Being Seen As a
Sexual Object?

sexual object

As a man, I’d appreciate being seen as
a sexual object more often. Is there
anyone who doesn’t want to be desired?

We all want to be noticed, and yes,
We have a desire to be desired.
It’s literally human nature.

Have I been caught looking at a woman’s
chest instead of her eyes? Of course.

Our biology will forever have men perceiving
women, at some level, as potential partners
or mates. Thank you, Mr. Darwin.

Isn’t it hypocritical for a woman
to present herself as a sexual object,
clearly, intentionally, and unambiguously,
if she doesn’t want to be seen as a sexual object?

Why are those who condemn the sexual predators
of Hollywood aren’t at the same time condemning
the larger sexual culture of Hollywood.

The film industry makes billions of dollars
from female sexuality, often pretty degrading

Hey say the producers. Stick a strip club
sequence in here with almost naked pole dancers.

keira knightley.lust

The Objectification
of Women in Advertising

The use of female sexuality in advertising is extensive, whether it’s for clothing, perfume or even fast food.

Much of the time, ads feature sexy women to attract consumers to the item that is being promoted, even if the product has little or nothing to do with sex.

Advertisers may use sex appeal for a number of reasons, but one essential component is that they quickly catch the attention of the audience.

The simple fact is sex sells and as long as it continues to do so, sex appeals will be used frequently in ads. It should also be acknowledged that a large population of the market must want to see these sexual images and messages.

If we didn’t, we wouldn’t buy into them and advertisers would resort to different methods of persuasion. It should be okay for consumers to enjoy sexy ads without feeling guilty.

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