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Sex-Wise: Give Me All You’ve Got

A clinical psychologist who oversees this site’s
two-year-old sex-education initiative, says that
she sees many couples clam up about the subject.

“You might know that your partner masturbates
occasionally, and that he/she might use porn.”

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Give Her Some Tongue

Insecurity and embarrassment keeps the
conversation from progressing. It’s
something people talk about openly.

But it’s the secret-keeping, not
necessarily the porn itself, which
makes porn so troublesome in relationships.

When one partner is hiding their porn habit,
the other will feel lied to. That trust is
broken when the other person is watching
porn in secret.

Whatever type of conversation you want to have with your
partner about porn, it’s important to be as non-judgmental
as possible. Don’t ask, ‘Why do you watch porn,’ but,
‘Tell me about what porn is like for you,’?

The best way to introduce things sex-wise isn’t
in the bedroom. Let’s say you’re on date night.
You can say, ‘Hey, you wanna try something new?
Let’s watch some porn together. I know a good sight.’

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Eroticism Keeps on Giving

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Give Me All You’ve Got

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