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Sex Work Therapy

Customers will pay sex workers
to simply sit and talk with them.

There is flirtation and sex but there is also
bitching about stresses at work or at home.

Once the sex is over, there is nakedness,
vulnerability and a sort of unspoken intimacy.

Sex can break open emotional floodgates.
Men are under a lot of pressure to be
strong and fix their own problems.

It’s ironic that some resort to talking about
their feelings in a taboo, forbidden context.

Best Get It on

Let’s Marvin Gaye and get it on
You got the healing that I want
Just like they say it in the song
Until the dawn, let’s Marvin Gaye and get it on

We got this king size to ourselves
Don’t have to share with no one else
Don’t keep your secrets to yourself
It’s kama sutra show and tell (yeah)

Charlie Puth – Marvin Gaye ft. Meghan Trainor from Koolit Zable on Vimeo.

Clutch Cock

Different Strokes

I’ve had hunky lovers, many in perfect shape,
extremely athletic, and flexible.

But for some strange reason, they get in the bed
and their hips only know one motion: back and
forth super rapidly without stopping.

In most cases, women’s vaginal muscles don’t
respond forcefully to one motion during sex.

We end up bored, counting the seconds until
he climaxes instead of focusing on our orgasms.


Semen Pubic Hair

My boyfriend came outside my vagina .I’m still a virgin.
He never penetrated me. I had semen on my pubic hair
and outside my vagina. Can I be pregnant from this?

Highly unlikely. The sperm need to be inside
your body, which happens only on deep penetration
and post-ejaculation deep inside you.

Sex Workout

Yoga and Libido

Tantra is a branch of yoga that seeks inner peace
and transcendence through changing your approach
to breathing, eating and relationships.

Ancient tantric teachings have been used for millennia
to heal sexual dysfunction, strengthen the sexual
system and raise sexual energy.

I have great admiration for women who do yoga.
They do more for my libido than anything else.

Watching a woman flex her body is hotter than a porn video.
In fact, you will often find ‘gymnastic’ women on porn sites

Yoga & Libido

If you prefer a natural alternative to enhance your sexuality and spice things up, try yoga. It can boost sexual satisfaction while benefiting your overall health and well-being.

Here are three reasons yoga helps improve your sex life:

Tantric Yoga Promotes Sexual Vitality

Tantric yoga poses such as mula bandha, or “root lock,” train and strengthen abdominal, pelvic and genital muscles. Similar to Kegel exercises, mula bandha improves arousal, prostate health and blood flow through the reproductive organs.

Yoga Enhances a Woman’s Libido

Yoga meditation can enhance women’s libido (sex drive) and treat sexual dysfunction. Female sexual dysfunction is a persistent decrease in sexual desire and sexual arousal, and difficulty in achieving an orgasm.

Yoga meditation cultivates mindfulness — an awareness of the present moment. This significantly improved women’s sexual arousal and response.

Mindfulness reduced pain and improved sexual health in women with vestibulodynia (chronic pain of the vulva). Findings also revealed that acupuncture significantly improved libido in women with sexual dysfunction.


Yoga has a hidden perk, something that takes a little practice and requires perfect technique, but that could attract a new legion of yogis: the “yogasm”.

It has long been known that strengthening one’s deep pelvic floor muscles can improve a woman’s sex life. But it is possible to experience orgasm on the yoga mat.

Yogis say that a combination of the Lotus position, the cross-legged sitting asana that is the bedrock of meditation, and Paranayma – a regulated, deep-breathing technique that includes rapid, pumping breaths – can bring about orgasmic effect.

According to practitioners, yogasm requires not a specific position but a state of mind – it may take weeks, months or years of physical workouts to achieve it. But it is most often achieved during Kundalini, a form of deep meditative yoga designed to lead to spiritual awakening.

The Kundalini orgasm is not just a physical orgasm, but far beyond it, like a huge release of energy. You get involuntary spasms and a ripple of energy through me, and experience the most intense ecstasy

But how exactly does it work? The trick is to focus your attention not on your Lotus asana, but on your breath. It’s about working the pelvic floor.

What we don’t understand so well in the Western world is that orgasm is an energetic event and not just a physical one. It’s holistic and has to do with your breath changing.

If you take away the genital stimulation, all the other stimuli remain, which are much more a part of orgasm than we realise.

Get Your Fuck On

A yogasm does not always feel the same as a physical orgasm, she says; rather, it is experienced all over the body. Some people do have a genital orgasm at the same time, though, and spontaneous orgasms can definitely happen, too.Many women are able to do them after a lot of practice of the other breath and energy techniques.”

Anyone can achieve yogasm, even men. If you believe it’s possible, just to breath a bit more fully and deeply than they usually do. Use their imagination and move this energy through your body. It’s a bit like mindfulness, a bit like meditation.

The body is naturally primed to climax, and only social conditioning and self-control stops it happening spontaneously more often.

Petite yoga cutie gets the fuck of her life

Sex & Moral Panic

Sex, Lies
& Puritanism

The ongoing lies spread by the Sexual Disaster Industry have tangible, serious effects on individuals and on our country.

Irrational fear about the number of stranger kidnappings, for example, has led to an enormous, nationwide apparatus that is inefficiently sucking up taxpayer dollars intended to protect children.

Sex offender laws are increasingly being used to punish people who are not a danger to the community (for example, teens who have sex with teens, or who “sext” pictures of themselves).

As sex offender registries expand and become more punitive more and more people are prevented from living normal lives. In Florida, absurd residency restrictions have created colonies of sex offenders living under freeway overpasses.

We already know what happens to kids exposed to abstinence-only sex “education”. They have sex before marriage anyway, but they’re less prepared to make good decisions and to be honest with adults.

On a societal level, it turns out that if you want to discredit or simply ignore science, sexuality is a great place to do it.

In 2005, many “decency” groups such as the Family Research Council effectively blocked the widespread American distribution of Gardasil, claiming that inoculating twelve-year-olds against HPV would encourage “promiscuity.”

Not only did they present no evidence, their lack of evidence was not seen as a weakness in their position.

A year ago some crazed senator announced that “abortion is well over 90 percent of what Planned Parenthood does.”

These moral panics occur regularly because the mass media and politicians find it to be a useful tool for their success.

Fear does sell and fear about sex crimes has always been at the top. One day these corrupted sex laws will be fully exposed and abolished.

A typical scare-momgering headline: “What Facebook, Twitter, Tinder and Internet Porn Are Doing to America’s Teenage Girls.” (Ruining them, of course.)

“As new social media appears, teens seem to find ways to use it to have sex, often sex devoid of even any pretense of emotional intimacy.”

There’s a lack of sex-positive quotes throughout the piece, which instead covers suicide attempts and “girls selling oral sex for $10 and $15 in the bathroom at a school.”

All teen girls do, apparently, is desperately chase male attention, and all teen boys want from them is porn sex. Oh, and it’s social media’s fault.

This doesn’t feel much like the real one. Treating teen sexuality as a taboo is far more dangerous than hooking up with a few people on Tinder. And there is little evidence the web’s handy sex tools are destroying teenagers.

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