Sexual Climax [You Know You Need It]

Most women who fuck regularly have
a shockingly low number of orgasms

In fact, only 25% of women reported
consistently orgasming from penetrative sex.

It seems the main reason they aren’t climaxing
is a failure to stay focused on the moment during sex.

They couldn’t quiet their minds in
order to relax and go with the flow.

Other reasons included low self-esteem,
medication side effects, not enough
clitoral stimulation, and feeling they
were incompatible with their partner.

Climax: Young dancers gather in a remote
and empty school building to rehearse on
a cold and wintry night.

The all-night celebration soon turns into
a hallucinatory nightmare when they
their sangria is laced with LSD.

The dance sequences are spectacular to witness
in their expressionism, their grace and passion.
Watch out for some extreme contortions.

Not Recommended
for Beginners

sexual gymnastics

Cum Shot Shoot

Essence of Fucking

You Make Me Want to Come

She Puts on
a Sexual

When young women start having sex
they probably haven’t figured out the best
way to get themselves off or are unsure
how to express this to a partner.

Older women find it easier to orgasm on
their own and prefer to do so, rather
than climax during sex.They simulate orgasm
to protect the fragile male ego.

Has She Really Climaxed?

How many times have you asked yourself? Is she faking it?
Women can be phenomenal fakers. They can translate a “dude,
time to wrap it up” signal into a convincing moan.

Just consider it one of their
better between-the-sheets skills.

But who benefits from a false finish?
And who are the biggest fakers of all?

It goes without saying that most women have
done it at least once … but 80 percent?

It seems most fake orgasms during vaginal
intercourse at least half of the time.

Also, 25 percent of women are “oohing and ahhing”
90 percent of the time regardless of whether
they climax or not. Now you know, men.

We know that a lot of women are doing it.
But why? To help you cross the finish line, so to speak.

She’s trying to be nice and trying to give you
an ego-boost. But don’t let it go to your head.
It was still fake, after all.

Faking isn’t always a bad sign for your sex life.
Depending on the “faker’s” motivation, pretending
to orgasm can actually increase their sexual satisfaction.

A group of women between the ages of 18 to 32 were
asked why they moaned and groaned during sex.

It seems the noise helped them to climax. It suggests
orgasm is as much in the mind as the genitals.

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