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Teenage Girls [Sexuallu Liberated].
Get Those Knickers Off. Young Stunning
Body. Do You Want to Come with Me?
Stretch out Sex [Slow Build to Climax].

Encouraging Teenage
Girls Need More Sex

When we discuss adolescent girls and sex,
it’s only in one way: don’t have sex.

We don’t like to imagine them having sex.
If they do, then we have to think of them
as sexual creatures, and that makes us squirm.

In fact, much of the promiscuity among
young women, both heterosexual and homosexual,
is likely to go undetected because it makes
therapists uncomfortable.

Sexual desire is seen as an aberration
for girls, which means we almost always
assume that girls act sexually only to
fulfill their hopes for a relationship.

Sexual curiosity and experimentation is a perfectly
natural part of growing up. Girls have just as much
sexual desire and curiosity as boys.

They are curious about their genitals and others’
as children. They masturbate. The hormones that
race through a teenage girls’ body create just
as much sexual feeling as boys experience.

Telling girls not to have sex is useless and insulting.
When you deny an entire segment of the population an
essential part of who they are, a part they have full
right to, they may use it in a self-destructive manner
rather than as a natural part of their development.

Get Those Knickers Off, Girl!

get those knickers off girl

Clutching Herself


Young Stunning Body

young stuning body

Do You Want to Come with Me?


Slow Build to Climax

Slow Arousal from Charles André Thomas on Vimeo.

Slow Sex
Stronger Orgasms

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