All Sexed Up Object of Desire

Can I Bite Your Apple? Great Lay

Since the fable of Adam & Eve the apple
has been a symbol for temptation.

This helps explain the contemporary sexual
innuendo: ‘Can I bite your apple?’
Let’s have sex. Or, I love your arse.

The term ‘sexual innuendo’ means a sexual
interpretation of an otherwise innocent
gestures or language that might offensive.

Apples appear in many religious traditions,
often as a mystical or forbidden fruit.

Popular Christian tradition holds that Adam
and Eve ate an apple from the forbidden
tree in the Garden of Eden.

you know how this turns me on

In some rural areas, women attend dances
with apple slices under their armpits in
the hope of finding a man who will take
a bite at the end of the night.

The ritual dates back to the 19th century
and allows women to capture their ‘sexual scent’
[body odour] ahead of getting frisky.

Although (luckily) this is a dying tradition,
women still use slices of fruit to capture
their smell before offering it to potential
suitors to sniff.

If he likes her in return, he’ll take a bite
of the apple slice, to signify his attraction to her.

What Makes
Her a Great Lay?

Lay is slang for having sex with someone.
So did you get laid (find someone to have
sex with]? Or, She was a great lay [I really
enjoyed sex with her].

Enthusiasm during the act

This is particularly true if she is doing
nasty things that most women enjoy doing
(there’s nothing worse than a woman ruining
a perfectly good facial by scowling and
shutting her eyes and mouth).

A woman who craves everything sexual
as much as a man does is a huge turn-on.

Sexual Openness and Creativity

A truly great lay wants to try new lows
of depravity as much as I do.

Nothing turns me on more than a woman
suggesting things that I hadn’t gotten
around to offending her with yet.

Oral Skill/Willingness

A top-notch blowjob will haunt a man for the
rest of his days. I also get tired of pushing
a woman’s head down, a great lay gives a man
head periodically throughout the session
because she knows it turns him on.

Demanding Sex


Making a woman scream throughout an hour long
session not only validates my incredible abilities,
but makes the entire act more enjoyable.

I won’t date a woman who doesn’t
masturbate or has trouble orgasming.

Balance Between Pleasure and Pain

A great lay will mix soft licking and touching with
hard biting and scratching (no broken skin).
She will also enjoy some light choking,
hair-pulling, and hard, aggressive thrusting.

This is a wish list. Male fantasies.
Like the cock crowing on its dunhill.

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