Female Sexuality

The Nature of Female Sexuality

What is the true nature of female sexuality?

Why is it when women are in a secure relationship
sexis no longer a priority? What defines women’s
libido and why does it become depleted?

Do women have unrealistic expectations about
their sex drive. Who defines what is normal?
Is ‘low libido’ the natural order of things.

Sexuality is shaped by culture and history.
For example, a hundred years ago a woman
who loved sex would be seen as mentally disturbed.

Today, if you don’t love sex you
could be diagnosed as dysfunctional.

Our desire to appear desirable
exceeds desire itself.

Media and advertising can have a devastating
effect on women’s self-esteem. It affects
our sexual self-esteem too.

Feeling if we don’t live up to
the physical ideal, we view ourselves
and even our genitalia, as undesirable.

Rather than having sex, many women want to look
like they’re having sex. We are too busy chasing
beautiful to want to kiss beautifully.
Too busy chasing the veneer of desirability.

Our animal instincts have become inverted:
time devoted to preening overrides time
devoted to mating and sexual pleasure.

Passionate monogamy, the goal for most, promises
lust-ever-after. But we have unrealistic
expectations about relationships.

It’s natural for sexual intensity to decline
over the duration of a relationship, as we age,
life pressures and having children.

Free range sexuality. In many ways
female sexuality is still mysterious.

No one agrees about what women’s sexual response
is, what constitutes female sexual dysfunction
or if women have a definitive sexual peak.

It’s unrealistic to expect us to have similar sex
drives. For women who no longer care for sex, or
for those who never did, consolation might be found
in the inability to prove what’s ‘normal.’

Women experience more pleasure during
sex if they use marijuana before it.

Sex was better while high and most reported
a more pleasurable orgasm when they used
marijuana before sex. Many said weed use
increased vaginal lubrication.

Reducing Anxiety

The pressure to perform can have a negative
effect on how women experience sex.

Vaginal dryness can be caused by
or worsened by feeling anxious.

The right dose of marijuana can help lessen anxiety.
A low dose is the the most effective for a calming effect.
A high dose might increase symptoms of anxiety.

Mighty Fine Sex

Mighty Fine Sex

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