Sexual Pleasure

Sexual Pleasure & Fertility

Mash-up: Eve’s Apple: Cut an Apple in Half [Vulva].
Apples symbolize sexual pleasure and fertility. Sexual
Temptation. What a Woman Needs to Achieve Orgasm

Armpit Apple Appeal

In medieval times, a man who ate an apple steeped
in the perspiration of the woman he loved was
very likely to succeed in the relationship.

It’s no surprise that the apple was the fruit
of choice to depict the sin of Eden. The apple
has multiple symbolic meanings, many of which are sexual.

Erotic associations likened apples to female breasts,
while the core of an apple cut in half has often
been compared to a woman’s vulva.

In ancient mythology, Dionysus, the god
of intoxication, created the apple and
presented it to Aphrodite, the goddess of love.

The apple has also been used as a symbol of fertility.
The earth-goddess Ge (or Gaea) gave an apple to Hera
to insure fertility after her betrothal to Zeus.

In Athens, newlyweds divided an apple, then ate it
prior to entering the bridal chamber.Sending or
tossing apples was also a part of courtship.

According to folklore, the apple is one of many
foods believed to possess aphrodisiac powers.

In ancient Greece, if a man wanted to propose,
he would simply toss the lady of his affection an apple.
If she caught it, he knew she had accepted his offer.

In Germany, during during medieval times, a man who ate
an apple steeped in the perspiration of the woman he
loved was very likely to succeed in the relationship.

Throughout history, apples have symbolized
pleasure, love, and fertility. All of this
Doesn’t prove that the sin of Adam and Eve
had anything to do with sex.

But it’s a strong indication that many
interpreters throughout history believed
their sin was a sexual transgression.

What Fucking
Has to Offer

QUESTION: My boyfriend and I are very active athletes, but when it comes to sex, I have a bigger appetite. When we have sex he has the ability to have more than one orgasm, which I love.

We usually have what I refer to as marathon sex, yet still it takes me forever to achieve an orgasm, if at all. I always feel like I want to or am about to have one, but it proves to be elusive.

At times we use sex toys, which I really hate (I just want him) but I don’t want to make him feel emasculated. He says he has no problem with the toys, and often I believe it’s true.

But I can see that he’s bothered by my lack of orgasm.
He places a great deal of emphasis on pleasing me.
I think he is beginning to believe that this is his
fault, but he won’t say. What should I do?

ANSWER: I’m a bit confused by your question. I suppose you want sex more often because you don’t find sexual satisfaction when you do have sex. Maybe he’s able to cum more than once but appears you don’t cum at all.

Do you expect intercourse to provide you with orgasms? There are women who do achieve orgasm while having intercourse, but many don’t. You’re more likely to have an orgasm when your clitoris is being stimulated directly by your boyfriend.

Lead him gently, dear girl. Men don’t like to be told
what they should or shouldn’t do when it comes to sex.

What a Woman
Needs to Achieve

The difficulty most women have in achieving orgasm with their partners are a lack of arousal, specifically clitoral stimulation, and a problem known as “spectatoring”.

Men should start thinking thinking clitorally, rather than vaginally. Their focus should be on stimulation rather than penetration.

Nine times out of 10 [a woman] isn’t getting enough clitoral stimulation. A woman will get close to orgasm, her partner picks up on it, then he either orgasms immediately or changes what he was doing.

The chosen sexual position affects clitoral stimulation. Some positions are more stimulating than others and it truly depends on a woman’s preference.

The “woman on top” position seems to scream superb orgasmic effects. The woman can set the pace and the position allows her clitoris to rub against her partner for continuous stimulation.

You should try mimicking a sexual position with your partner when pleasuring yourself. For women who masturbate lying on their stomach with their hand rubbing their clitoris beneath them, then having your partner enter from behind while in that position will be very stimulating.

Experimenting with different sexual positions and discovering what really gets you off is very important. Women should feel comfortable with communicating what feels hot and what is not.

Speaking of feeling hot, some (if not most) women don’t during sex, but body image plays a significant role in sexual satisfaction.

The more esteem women have for their own body parts and functions, the higher their sexual satisfaction with their partner beyond the effects of sexual function.

This is where the issue of “spectatoring” affects the probability of achieving an orgasm.

Spectatoring is when a woman is too concerned about her appearance and/or performance to actually enjoy herself during sex and allow herself to be pleasured by her partner.

A woman’s mind becomes preoccupied with negative thoughts about her body, questions whether her partner is enjoying sex, and whether she is good at it or not.

You should try focusing, breathing, and letting go
of the negative energy to allow yourself to feel
the erotic sensations that fucking has to offer.

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