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Sexual Promiscuity [Everyone Wants to Get Laid]

Sexual promiscuity is ingrained in our psyches.
It’s our intrinsic nature to ‘look for greener pastures’.

Adultery is not an assault on the sanctity of the
marital institution. The problem with mankind is
its failure to understand the dynamics of sex.

Sexual promiscuity is as old as the hills.
Men as well as women indulge in random sex.

But the patriarchal territorial nature of man
in his relationships, especially sexual in nature,
made sexual adventurism in the ambit of marriage,
companionship or togetherness a cardinal sin.

With the advent of organized religions, the criminalisation
of sexual morality and mores assumed greater significance.

Casual sex became a taboo and all its ramifications like
homosexuality, incest, adultery etc. also became immoral.

This negatively impacted our sexual evolution.
In the words of Sigmund Freud, ‘Humans didn’t
evolve sexually, they rather devolved sexually’.

Despite the social evolution of humans putting mockers
on rampant sexual adventurism, basic sexual exploration
has never dimmed. Both sexes still fantasise forbidden fruit.

Fighting it is to resist the basics of human mental
and sexual make-up. Society has however always chosen
to live in a state of denial about it.

Perhaps it is time to realise that promiscuity is
an acceptable part of human behaviour and even
a sign of sexual maturity.

Ontological Promiscuity / Jason Silva from Jason Elon Goodman on Vimeo.

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