She Touches Herself

Can I Touch You There?

“Fingertips are burning / Can I touch you there/
Soft as velvet, eyes can see / Bring me close to ecstasy”
– Soft As Snow, But Warm Inside – My Bloody Valentine

Touching is an important means of
maintaining social relationships.
There’s a lot of pleasure caused by touching.

The greater the pleasure caused by touching
a specific area of the body, the more
selectively we allow others to touch it.

she touches herself


Our bodies have over 4000
nerve endings. When stimulated
they create a sexual sensation.

There are different areas of our bodies where
the nerve endings are more condensed and create
an even greater sexual high when stimulated.

The power of touch is incredibly potent, even more
so if you touch your partners in their erogenous zones.

In Touch Me There Yvonne Fulbright blends her
understanding of physical and biological responses
with an accessible introduction to holistic disciplines.

In covering areas like the clitoris she explodes the myths
that have been built on the foundations of this favourite
pleasure button, explains the true nature of the clitoris,
and goes onto offer guidance on how to get the best out of it.

More than that, Yvonne also offers suggestions on how to
stimulate clitoral arousal through acupressure, with
illustrated advice on how to obtain adopt a series of yoga
positions that are most beneficial for clitoral stimulation,

That stereotypical toe curl movies show during sex
scenes happens for a reason — because the skin
in between your toes is an erogenous zone.

The erogenous zones are areas of the body are
highly sensitive and can initiate sexual arousal,
aka your sexual response cycle.

The Brain Is an
Erogenous Zone

Erogenous zones break down into
primary and secondary zones.

Primary erogenous zones range from the
obvious, such as genitals, breasts and butts,
to the slightly odd, such as the ear lobes,
lips, belly buttons and even armpits.

Secondary erogenous zones can vary based on
your sexual actions. When you give someone
a back rub as foreplay, his or her back
can become an erogenous zone.

Your brain becomes an erogenous zone
when you fantasize a sexual scene.

for Young Ladies

You probably let your hands (or a sex toy)
do all of the work.

But if you want to make the most of masturbation,
allow your hips to guide you as you approach orgasm.

Once you’re relaxed and already roused (maybe
70 percent of the way to orgasm), let your hips
take over the movement.

Keep your hand/sex toy in place. Now find the
perfect rhythm to unleash your orgasm contractions.

You don’t need to think about your hip movements
and rhythm. It’s a primal subconscious motion.

You may find you have more intense
orgasms when it’s all in the hips.

Stretch Clench
Arch & Fuck

If done the right way, sex can be sexercise.
After all, you’re stretching, clenching,
arching and propping.

The simplest exercise can be incorporated
into a fuck. Bend over and touch your toes?

When it comes to sexercising, the idea is the
same, but the procedure is slightly different.

In the name of the stretching sexercise,
simply bend over and put your hands on the
seat of a chair, table, whatever.

Let your partner fuck you from behind
while you keep those legs straight.

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